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Beware Global Partner Network

I've been contacted by them to purchase my timeshare in Cabo. There are several things that gave away their scam operation. The most obvious one is their website which says they are in existence since 1999, but any search for this company in any search engine comes up empty.

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Discount for paying off loan

Bought a timeshare in Mexico. Scammers, Patricia and Chris, got a hold of contract information. Received a call with the pitch: "the developer says if you payoff your loan by end of week, they'll give a 20% discount. I'll send you the wire transfer instructions." Received the wire transfer instructions which looked like the money was going to a bank in Mexico, then onto a JP Morgan Chase account in Florida.

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Westgate owner for 26 years

Do you as a Westgate owner feel like a second class citizen? We checked in at about 2 p.m. Husband refused to let them put a hold on our credit card. Problems started. They said our timeshare was not ready and they would call us. When we got there, we noticed our door was opened so we thought they were cleaning it. O.K. went to eat. Came back and noticed something in the door and it was from housecleaning that they had shampooed our carpet at 10:30 that morning.

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Scammed By Jack O'Neill

Mr. Jack O'Neill called us on November 12, 2010 to let us know that they had someone to buy our timeshare. You see, we had been trying to sell our timeshare for at least six months with no one to buy it.

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We were in the Resort Hacienda Tres Rios and passed through all this things mentioned on the site. Nothing of what has been promised and signed was honored and we are trying to have our money refund. Any help I can receive? Any strategy to use as to get refunded?



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