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Interval International - Beware of


My friend & I recently booked a trip through his time-share, Interval International, to go to the Costa Maya Reef Resort in Belize, Central America scheduled for 8/18-8/25/07. We booked this trip over the phone & gave the company representative our credit card information for charging the trip. The night before we were scheduled to leave, we attempted to contact the resort to ensure they were still accepting guests.

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Investment Properties Solutions - Total fraud and misstatement of sale

The following was sent to the Better Business Bureau West Coast Florida. I think it explain what this company (Investment Properties Solutions in Largo, Florida 33733 has tried to pull over our eyes. I hope I am totally wrong and they do sell it but it doesn’t appear that way.

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Marriott - Timeshare Ownership Hell!

I am an owner of a Marriot Grand Chateau in Las Vegas, Nevada which I’ve purchased in July 22, 2006.

It was a so easy to sign the agreement and make the purchase. They assured of that even though I was not a US resident my purchase and my ownership will be a smooth sailing.

Well what a mistake it was to make this purchase. Following is how it began after I returned back home.

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Mayan Palace - Mexican Tax

When purchasing 2 elite weeks and 2 vacation weeks at the Grand Mayan, i was charged an IVA tax of $9100. People i know who sell timeshares have advised me that there is no sales tax on timeshare purchases. What mexican law calls for an IVS tax of 15% on timeshare purchases.

I need to notify the IRS in the USA of this tax, as I will be using some weeks as rentals.


Submitted by: Theresa

Mayan Palace - I want everyone to know about this scam

I was also a VICTIM of the Mayan Timshare SCAM!! Here is my story, very similar...

I would like to take a minute of your time to tell you about a business that is using fraudulent information and illegal sales practices to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting citizens, who are now victims of fraud. My story is just like hundreds of others that are documented throughout the internet; a victim of a timeshare company who is only interested in money and power.

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