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Mystic Dunes - Florida Timeshare Scam

In August, whilst on holiday in florida I was offered cheap Disney tickets to view a golf spa resort called Mystic Dunes. On arrival at the resort we were sent home because I didn't have my credit card with me and although I didn't plan to return, the hotel staff persuaded me to visit the next day.

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Playa Del Sol Grand - Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware. Playa Del Sol Group sales people are good - very, very good.

My wife and I were conned into purchasing a "fractional Ownership" at Playa Del Sol Grand. I'm sure we all remember the elementary school formula (100% of nothing is still nothing) - that's exactly what you get from Playa Del Sol. We were fortunate enough to use our 1 bedroom every other year with a bonus week in November 2006. We had an absolutely wonderful time.

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Playa Del Sol Grand - Still Ripping Off!!!

I have been trying to get a full refund for a purchase I made in January 2008 based on a host of lies and more.

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Playa Del Sol - Timeshare Fraud

In March of 2006 we purchased a timeshare at Playa Del Sol, Los Cabos. We were told we could post our weeks and make $1,000/week, or resell the deeded unit at any time and make money.

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Please don't go to a timeshare presentation

We went to this presentation last week after we received several calls from theier representatives about the free gifts.Thatand please try to stp was our first and worst.when we attend the timeshare presentation, we were treated like dirt by the staff.

We were insulted on numerous occasions at the end of the presentation (which for us took roughly 3 1/2 hours) when we refused to buy.

We went there with 4 year old kid...he cried that he was hungry.We told to him that we were leaving....But he asked us that why you guys are coming behind me if you are not ready to buy!!!..we are still upset.

They conveniently forgot to provide us the gift they promised at the offset, and only after requesting to speak with several parties, did we get our gift.

So if any body has an idea about going to this kind of presentation(especially for the free gifts)..please think about it .

I am just reporting this because i Don't want anyone fall into this scam.



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