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Royal Holiday - Broken promises & overcharged

While on vacation, Nov. 2006, in Puerto Vallerto, MX Royal Holiday (RH)/Travel Experience sold us a timeshare at the Los Tules Resort presentation. We told Marvin Meyer, the salesman there was no way we could afford another timeshare. He called over Axel Castellano who proceeded to say what if I can give you a guarantee to purchase your timeshare if you will buy 30,000 points. When he showed us the guarantee from International Leisure Group (ILG) we agreed as long as this was the truth. Now, we know it wasn't the truth. We were also charged more for our points than I've seen others paid.

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RCI - Points Trap

My wife and I bought a time share an RCI timeshare in Myrtle Beach two years ago. We've now been informed that instead of a weekly exchange system, RCI will now use a "points" system. Plantation Resorts, an RCI affiliate, explains to us that it will cost us nearly $8,000 in cash to convert our time share to the new system. However, they will waive our conversion fee on our time share if we buy a second time share for between $8,000-$30,000.

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We, too, were duped by RCI and a RCI affiliated resort. My wife and I are in our 20's and I'm in the military. We signed up for the whole "vacation package" including a 4 day-3 night in Orlando with 2 Universal Studios tickets for 2 days, a 3 day-2 night in florida or las vegas, and a 4 day-3 night in aruba. All for a low price of $200/person. We decided to use the Orlando vacation on our way to Miami before departing on a cruise.


Shell Vacations Club

We filed a complaint with the IL BBB, we also sent a lengthy letter through email to shell about our complaint. Of course we haven't heard back from them, it's been over a week.

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Shell Vacation Club - Discrimination and Duplicity

I'm on vacation in Hawaii, visiting a (male) friend who works here at one of the military bases. I'm downtown and obviously just "touristing" and a young man asks if I'm interested in a Luau or Whale-watching trip - which I am. I'm alone all day and looking for fun things to do.

So, the first thing he asks is if I'm married and I say "no, I'm visiting a friend who works at the base and I'm not with anyone". Then he says he works for Shell Vacation Club timeshares and he can give me free tickets to a Luau and a day-trip to go snorkling for sitting in on a presentation.

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