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Timeshare Scam - Westgate

We bougth timeshare from westgate resort everything is big fat lie ,I didnt know how law can let this happen ,how scam like this can exist in USA ,these resorts should give people money back because they lie to sell.

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Allen & Lisa - Shell Vacation Club

My wife and I purchase a time share with Shells Vacation Club for 3500.00 points, we purchase the time share in 2006. I called Shells Vacation Club to asked them how could I sell my time share, they referred me to one of their sale person.

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BlueGreen Scam

My wife and I bought our timeshare in 1980's and were given the presentation about converting our fixed week to a points system in 1990's. We filled out the paperwork and paid extra money to convert to points system. This year we tried to add our daughter to our account and was told it would cost $250 for this transaction.

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Timeshare "Westgate" is Bogus and Misleading

My dear friends and those who are owning timeshare units, villa in orlando westgates.

It is unbelievable how deceitfull the saleman are of westgates resorts; they showed a wonderfull villa as showroom which was designed to fool many customers who were invited for this sales fest. i was told im buying a every year week, they took my cash advance, they literally rushed and made me sign their documents; i tried to get in touch with legal rep that after i read i was trying to get some answers; he was fired and someone from the westgates coprorate office was replying to my emails. Westgates Corporate owners are filthy rich but i did not know how they became rich by folling innocent citizens. I really fell for the salesman's trap and now i regret for doing such a terrible mistake.

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DO not get invloved with Promotora Sunset Beach Club or timeshares. These people took twoof our time shares nexchange for one of theirs three years ago and still have not transfered them into their name. We have been paying for all three of them for the last 36 months to no avail. HELP HELP



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