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Sunset Group - Cancun Timeshare

This letter was sent to Budget Travel magazine in the hopes they will publish it. I would encourage others to do so also.

January 26,2008 Dear True Stories:

Unfortunately this is only too true and you may wish to publish this in a future edition as a warning.

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Sunset Lagoon - Intentional Statement of Fraud

On 6 May 2007, while staying @ Sunset Lagoon, we were invited to a 90 minute timeshare tour and presentation which ended up lasting over 5 hours. During the sales promotion, we were introduced to a rental program "through their Marketing office" which would rent our unused vacations for $1500 which would help cover our maintenance fee.

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Timeshares Only - Scammed by

We have paid up front twice to try to sell our Cliffs Resort timeshare and were taken both times.

When I called Time Shares only they told me that they wouldn't contact us unless they sold our property.

That has been about 4 years ago.

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Timeshare Solutions - RIPOFFS and SCAMMERS

Bill Elis, Bob Downy SCAMMERS and RIPOFFS

I was contacted by Timeshare Solutions by phone to advertise my timeshare for sale. I payed a $99.00 one time processing fee for this around 8/2006. I was contacted by Bill Elis of Timeshare Solutions on 9/14/2007. He stated he had sold my timeshare to CIBA for $20160.00. He said that they would pay half the closing costs of $1600.00 and I would need to pay my half to get the deal sealed.

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Timeshare Solutions - Definite ripoff

Like the rest of you, we got caught, too!!!

Some minor differences in the story about the name change from Fairfield Resales to Timeshare Solutions (said Wyndham made them do it). Said they had a buyer for our Grand Desert timeshare but need to pay half the closing costs.

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