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Fraud in Tennessee

We went to Wyndham Timeshare for Than ksgiving as we have a timeshare there but we were not VIP member. So they informed us we had to go to a meeting to upgrade our membership. This is a boiler room. There were three representatives. Really apply the pressure.

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Coastal Vacation/ Escrow Holdings scam

I signed a contract with Coastal Vacation to sell 2 time shares in Mexico and then have been working with Escrow Holdings to close on the properties. They charged me for transfer fees, then for lawyer fees, then for insurance to cover wiring the money to my bank. Now the phone no. isn't working and of course I have no money to show for my efforts. Scammed.

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Professional Resort Advertising is a scam

Embarassing to admit but i was a victim of a timeshare scam. I have a timeshare property and i've been wanting to either sell or rent it out. So when an agent from professional resort advertising called me and told me all guarantees that they saw my available weeks and that they have companies who are already lined up to rent it (Coke and AT&T), i fell for it.

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Beware of Wyndham

We were sold a lie- 3 hours of talk - bought what we thought was a week of use and found out 3 months later it is only points and not even enough to go back to resort we bought at!!!

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Westgate - The worst timeshare in the world

They pressured us to buy a timeshare. We were scammed big style.  We can´t get rid of our timeshare now. I don´t want anyone to be a victim.  Westgate is the worse.

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