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Westgate (Crappy Customer Relations)

Recently I attended a sales pitch for Westgate in Gatlinburg TN. I was offered a two bedroom with 13 weeks a year use for $13,180. The salesman started the conversation about how he was one of corporates "hatchet men" and had been brought in to fire a few managers and was just helping them out.

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Timeshare Discrimination

I too had a terrible experience trying to participate in a timeshare orientation and based on where I live I lost out on discount Disney tickets that i was looking forward to getting because I had my 4yr old grandson,my two girls and a friend!I am retired from corrections and am receiving a steady income as well as my friend!

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Want Refund

Wife and I bought this package 3 yrs ago haven't used it yes. But wanted to give it to daughter and family to stay at disney world. Was told they would have to pay 900 dollars in advance ant that was only for a week plus extra if they stayed longer that a week.

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Global Travel Services

This scam is still going on. I had the same offer in November, 2011. Fortunately I checked before giving them my credit card information, because they are a scam.

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Playa del Sol Vallarta

I have been trying to book my timeshare for months now. After many e-mails and contacting I.I. I finally got in touch with the new company which is Bel Air. I talked to someone on the phone and they assured me that I could have my week at my timeshare which is in the Romantic zone.

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