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    I don't want to complain but I got sucker in with bluegreen and now I'm stuck with the payment I stop paying the maintenace fee although the payment is up to date just trying to find out if anyone would ...
    Created on 07 January 2012
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    If you are interesting in buying a timeshare we can talk whenever you email back I have a timeshare at bluegreen up to date with payment but not maintenance fees let me know if you are interested ...
    Created on 06 January 2012
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    I'm interested in selling my 8 thousand pts with bluegreen. Points date is aug. 1st. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . make me a reasonable offer. Serious inquiries only. Thank you! ...
    Created on 25 December 2011
  4. Category: (Comments)

    ... there seems to be no end in sight and BlueGreen seems to think they have an open checkbook for maintenance fees. Ours have tripled in 7 years. Contact me at "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " ...
    Created on 23 November 2011
  5. Category: (Comments)

    Yes I am very interested. How many points do yo have and is it yearly
    Created on 07 October 2011
  6. Category: (Comments)

    Yes I am very interested in another timeshare. How many points and i it yearly.
    Created on 07 October 2011
  7. Category: (Comments)

    Jeanie, Mine is in Hershey, PA but with bluegreen location doesnt matter. Since it is part of RCI you can trade your points for anywhere you want. If Usher's wont work for you please let me know. I will ...
    Created on 23 September 2011
  8. Category: (Comments)

    No I am not a reseller.Yes I am still interested in picking up another BG timeshare by taking over the maintanence fees
    Created on 23 September 2011
  9. Category: (Comments)

    I have never been back to this site. If you have not gotten rid of your BG then yes I am very interested intaking it off your hands.If You just want some to take over the maintance fees. No I am not a ...
    Created on 23 September 2011
  10. Category: (Comments)

    NO seem to know quite a bit about the industry and specifically the terminolgy of Bluegreen (no matter how incorrect it is!) I here owners laugh and joke around the pool when I go to vacation ...
    Created on 13 August 2011
  11. Category: (Comments)

    The class action in PA was great for those that were not excluded. After two years the settlement between the state and BGC was able to exclude me because I had not filed directly with the Attorney General ...
    Created on 01 August 2011
  12. Category: (Comments)

    @Timeshare Bandit, it's not the high pressure sales pitch, it's the fact that you salespeople will lie just to get a deal. Bluegreen is a meat market for salespeople, if your VPG drops you're back on the ...
    Created on 31 July 2011
  13. Category: (Comments)

    My timeshare is at Laurel Crest, Pigeon Forge, TN. Contact me if you're interested. (don't contact me if you're a reseller agent or company) Don
    Created on 19 July 2011
  14. Category: (Comments)

    A little searching and . . . I found a group of people trying to get enough BG owners for a class action lawsuit. ...
    Created on 19 July 2011
  15. Category: (Comments)

    If this is still active, we would love to join in the effort, too. We have tried to get rid of this thing for the past few years. Please contact me if we can help or join!!!
    Created on 19 July 2011
  16. Category: (Comments)

    Incredibly, our legal system allows this kind of fraudulent activity to go on. My wife and I would be glad to join this effort to put a stop to the timeshare ripoff. We are Bluegreen owners through the ...
    Created on 09 July 2011
  17. Category: (Comments)

    I was told that if I did not pay the full amount of my timeshare than they would refund my deposit hassle free. After seeing how full of shit they are I instantly cancelled my timeshare and now they are ...
    Created on 27 June 2011
  18. Category: (Comments)

    I have grown pretty frustrated as all of you can understand. Just as an FYI the maintenance fees do not count against your credit only non-payment of the mortgage! They will keep sending you to collections ...
    Created on 21 April 2011
  19. Category: (Comments)

    Join the fight against bluegreen on Facebook. We plan to use the largest social media site in the world to draw attention to bluegreen's disreputable business practices. Search "Angry bluegreen" on facebook ...
    Created on 16 April 2011
  20. Category: (Comments)

    This guy helped me out I highly recommend him
    Created on 29 March 2011


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