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  1. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    I have been trying to book my timeshare for months now. After many e-mails and contacting I.I. I finally got in touch with the new company which is Bel Air. I talked to someone on the phone and they ...
    Created on 04 November 2011
  2. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We were contacted by Christine Reynolds of AEM Oklahoma City, stating they had a buyer for our timeshare Playa del Sol Sur in Pto Vallarta. We were then contacted by Kelly Jacobs of Legacy Closing ...
    Created on 05 September 2011
  3. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    My husband and I purchased a triple lock off unit which was presented as the newest type of 2bd to be built at the Grand in Nuevo Vallarta and future locations. First years use at the Grand was suposed ...
    Created on 30 June 2011
  4. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We are presently at the grand. Upon check in the concierge followed us like a vulture to reception. We told her several times we did not want to go to a time share meeting. She told us the meeting was ...
    Created on 19 February 2011
  5. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    I bought a timeshare in 2003 from Playa Del Sol under fraudulent sales practices--lies, lies, lies! Believe nothing they say if you are considering a purchase from them. I could go on and on ...  ...
    Created on 13 February 2010
  6. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We have been trying to get our money back from Playa Del Sol Grand for more than a year. We went through the Profeco and came to an agreement with the Playa Del Sol Grand attorney to pay us $5000 plus ...
    Created on 19 December 2009
  7. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Article removed due settlement
    Created on 29 June 2009
  8. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    In March of 2006 we purchased a timeshare at Playa Del Sol, Los Cabos. We were told we could post our weeks and make $1,000/week, or resell the deeded unit at any time and make money. The complex ...
    Created on 18 April 2009
  9. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    I have been trying to get a full refund for a purchase I made in January 2008 based on a host of lies and more. After 3 sessions with PROFECO I am still $10,000 short of a refund. Any suggestion at ...
    Created on 15 April 2009
  10. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Buyer Beware. Playa Del Sol Group sales people are good - very, very good. My wife and I were conned into purchasing a "fractional Ownership" at Playa Del Sol Grand. I'm sure we all remember the elementary ...
    Created on 04 January 2009


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