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  1. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... to me by the resort where I purchased my fractional ownership - Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. This is where my nightmare begins. They told me that I would be able to sell weeks of my ...
    Created on 29 October 2010
  2. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We too were accosted at the very entry way of the airport and totally scammed. All kinds of promises to rent weeks, never happened. Tried to sell and they keep it dragging on for months on end, and ...
    Created on 28 October 2010
  3. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    On May 4th, 2008, I purchased a timeshare from Velas Vallartas in Puerto Vallarta, MX for $10,900 which included 12 weeks. The representative, Chris Bailey, indicated that by using Sierra Rentals, I ...
    Created on 18 April 2009
  4. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Velas Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Timeshare Scam The scam starts the moment you walk through the door. The sales person will introduce them self to you and their name may be the last truthful thing you ...
    Created on 18 April 2009
  5. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Velas Vallarta - Timeshare Scam II (This report was removed due settlement)  ...
    Created on 18 April 2009
  6. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    I fell for the 90 minute presentation and believed them when they gauranteed the sale of my time share weeks to offset the cost. The presentation lasted 5 hours and took away the relaxation and pleasure ...
    Created on 24 November 2008
  7. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We were accosted on the street by a young man who promised us two free tour packages for listening to a timeshare presentation for Velas Vallarta. "No pressure." We went to the resort and were shown ...
    Created on 20 October 2008


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