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  1. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We bought into Westgate in 2006 we are not satisfied to say the least. we traded it to a vacation travel club in 2009 we still have not got this property out of our name they have billed us for two years ...
    Created on 18 December 2012
  2. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Do you as a Westgate owner feel like a second class citizen? We checked in at about 2 p.m. Husband refused to let them put a hold on our credit card. Problems started. They said our timeshare was not ...
    Created on 07 June 2012
  3. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We bougth timeshare from westgate resort everything is big fat lie ,I didnt know how law can let this happen ,how scam like this can exist in USA ,these resorts should give people money back because they ...
    Created on 03 May 2012
  4. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    My dear friends and those who are owning timeshare units, villa in orlando westgates. It is unbelievable how deceitfull the saleman are of westgates resorts; they showed a wonderfull villa as showroom ...
    Created on 21 March 2012
  5. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We could have wrote the same complaint about the Westgate Resort Smokey Mountains that Justfun wrote about the one in AZ. We agree with everything that was said. Timeshare companies should offer to buy ...
    Created on 13 March 2012
  6. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    They pressured us to buy a timeshare. We were scammed big style.  We can´t get rid of our timeshare now. I don´t want anyone to be a victim.  Westgate is the worse. Click Here To Post Your Own ...
    Created on 20 January 2012
  7. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We bought our timeshare in 2004 and it has not been anything like we were told. We went to miami westgate sent the information when we arrived we couldent find it the brochure showed a picture of westgate ...
    Created on 22 December 2011
  8. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Recently I attended a sales pitch for Westgate in Gatlinburg TN. I was offered a two bedroom with 13 weeks a year use for $13,180. The salesman started the conversation about how he was one of corporates ...
    Created on 06 December 2011
  9. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... was a huge disappointment. I exchanged into the Westgate Resort of Gatlinburg, Tenn, thinking that the Westgate name had very high standards. After staying here for one week, I was able to ascertain ...
    Created on 01 October 2011
  10. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We are fighting back!!! While on vacation Vega 2008 Westgate scammed us out of $17,733. and they would not let us cancel our contract it to late, and now over the past 2.5 years they have taking our ...
    Created on 02 September 2011
  11. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    2008 We bought a timeshare in Las Vega and we never spent one day in it , we were told that we could , rent our time and and lot of nothing that the timeshare will pay for it self. At any time we did ...
    Created on 30 June 2011
  12. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We are Westgate Resort Members who bought into a time share in the Smokey Mountains. We are NOT satisfied Customers. I hope to warn you that if you go to Gatlinburg TN -stay away from the Street Vendors ...
    Created on 20 November 2010
  13. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We are owners in the WG Smokey mountains we have owned for 5 years and taken 3 vacations as owners and have NEVER stayed in what we bought. we have not sat though the questionnaire that the sucker you ...
    Created on 05 May 2010
  14. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We had a unit at Westgate Resort Gatlinburg that we purchased in June, 2008. In October,2009 we stayed there for the first time, and realized the unit we purchased was not what we were told we bought. ...
    Created on 05 December 2009
  15. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    My husband and I bought a timeshare about two years ago from WestGate Resorts. We were told by the sales agent that if we wanted to sale our timeshare back we could do so at anytime. Some things came ...
    Created on 03 November 2009
  16. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    My husband and I bought a timeshare about two years ago from WestGate Resorts. We were told by the sales agent that if we wanted to sale our timeshare back we could do so at anytime. Some things came ...
    Created on 03 November 2009
  17. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We purchased a timeshare through Westgate near Orlando, odd year. They told us we were buying actual real estate property that would retain and even increase in value. The salesman said, "There's no way ...
    Created on 17 October 2009
  18. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from WestGate. I am yet to find one thing they told me to be the truth. Everything has been one complete lie after another. Even when I stayed my first week recovering ...
    Created on 05 June 2009
  19. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    I became an owner of Westgate a couple of years ago and it has been the BIGGEST mistake of my life. Everything I was told was a lie, I was harassed on my week while I was recovering from surgery and told ...
    Created on 24 May 2009
  20. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    My wife and me purchased a time-share at the Westgate Resort at Park City, Utah in 2006. After a 4-hour ordeal that was to take 90 minutes, as many other complaints I've read about this resort have ...
    Created on 18 April 2009


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