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  1. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Royal Holiday Scam at Wyndham Nassau Resort in New Providence Is Ruining Our Finances! I was scammed--deceived, defrauded and duped--at the Wyndham Nassau Resort in New Providence, Nassau, in March ...
    Created on 10 June 2013
  2. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... pitch for Presidential Reserve assuring us that our payment would only increase $200...well when we received our first statement - $1100 increase. Contacted Wyndham - were told it was our word against ...
    Created on 18 December 2012
  3. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    On December 2, 2012, Mr. Wesley Alexander, then director of sales for Universal Timeshare Sales Associates, contacted me to tell me that his company had a person who wanted to purchase my Wyndham Bonnet ...
    Created on 12 August 2012
  4. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    People beware: We recently attended one of the presentations for the Wyndham. During the presentation they asked us for our social security numbers. We told them we would supply those if we decided to ...
    Created on 02 August 2012
  5. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We went to Wyndham Timeshare for Than ksgiving as we have a timeshare there but we were not VIP member. So they informed us we had to go to a meeting to upgrade our membership. This is a boiler room. There ...
    Created on 28 February 2012
  6. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We were sold a lie- 3 hours of talk - bought what we thought was a week of use and found out 3 months later it is only points and not even enough to go back to resort we bought at!!! Click Here ...
    Created on 02 February 2012
  7. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... the transaction is complete. When asked, the supervisor I talked to said that they were acting on behalf of Wyndham, who is doing this in the process of taking over Grupo Mayan. The 10% outlay scares ...
    Created on 21 December 2011
  8. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    I have 3 kids, so that means there's 5 of us. Everywhere I try an go , they dont except 5. I have not used my Wyndham vacations yet cause there always full. its been 6 months since i bought. is there ...
    Created on 16 September 2011
  9. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    it sounds to me that all wyndham owners have had the same sort of presentation where your promised the world and receive nothing. we were also told we can go anywhere/everywhere with our points. ...
    Created on 07 February 2011
  10. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... Canada. He pulled out the RCI resort catalog and showed us quite a few nice looking resorts in that area. He DID NOT tell us we couldn't use the "Wyndham Discovery" points through RCI. WE tried ...
    Created on 12 January 2011
  11. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... it may concern As time-share owners, my wife and I stayed at the Wyndham Vacation Resorts, #725 Bypass Road, Williamsburg VA 23185, during the week of September 18, which was arranged through time-share ...
    Created on 02 November 2010
  12. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Wyndham collections has been calling my house for days & I just didn't answer the phone.  When I did I was surprised to be informed that I didn't send a payment since Dec 2009.  On April 29th I ...
    Created on 05 May 2010
  13. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... until my 3 Wyndham  timeshares transferred. We were told we were making an even exchange by selling El Cid Vacation Resorts my three weeks of timeshare with Wyndham Vacations Resort for three weeks of ...
    Created on 09 January 2010
  14. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Have been a owner for 4 years now, a VIP for over 1 year. Yes I was stupid twice. Too long of a story to tell hear so I will just hit the high points of my experiance. Maintenance fee\'s up,up and up! ...
    Created on 02 September 2009
  15. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    I tried to rescind my purchase to no avail I have done everything I could and still no results. I was very happy with what we had 205,000 points. I do not understand the benefit to wyndham by making me ...
    Created on 29 August 2009
  16. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... and I don't get a refund. How can any company take a widow's money and give her NOTHING for it! Shame on you Wyndham. And you have such nice hotels too. A darn shame.  ...
    Created on 20 August 2009
  17. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Went to Wyndham Shawnee in the Pocono's for a time share sale. Went through the entire sale and said no, then the end sale came and a closer, Nicole Dangelo, to make us the last offer. "Today only",she ...
    Created on 07 August 2009
  18. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We recently purchased a Wyndham vacation resort package on July 1st. I wasn't aware of the timeshare scams that are out there and even after the pressure marketing tactics that the sales person used on ...
    Created on 30 July 2009
  19. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Fairfield resorts, (also, they go by Wyndham resorts, and so I have filed this under both names...) took our 159.00 in exchange for a 3 night stay in one of their vacation resorts in San Diego. But that ...
    Created on 18 April 2009
  20. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Like the rest of you, we got caught, too!!! Some minor differences in the story about the name change from Fairfield Resales to Timeshare Solutions (said Wyndham made them do it). Said they had a ...
    Created on 18 April 2009


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