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Pueblo Bonito - Lies

"Pressured" into buying a Timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort and Spa.
My husband and I were on vacation in Cabo San Lucas for our anniversary.
We attended a timeshare presentation and we were subjected to a high pressure, and very convincing presentation, by a salesman called COREY LOWE.
We felt manipulated in believing that we were making a great financial investment even after we expressed to Mr. Lowe that we already had a Timeshare and we were in no position financially to purchase another Timeshare.

We were told that we had to make a decision as we would not be able to purchase at this price in the future or execute the contract at a later date without traveling back to Mexico to sign the necessary paperwork.
Seeing that we were still hesitant, Mr. Lowe decided to show us around the resort by pointing out the amenities such as the spa, restaurants, pools and floor plans. After the tour, we were escorted once again to the patio where the high pressure presentation began.
After being pitched to for over, Lowe assured us that we were making a sound financial decision and stated that we would be missing out on a a chance of a lifetime because Cabo San Lucas is the most popular destination to vacation in the world and that not only could we rent our unit for a substantial fee we would have no problem renting it out because there is a waiting list for Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach.
I have numerous times tried to rent and sell my Timeshare. In desperation of getting out of this contract payed listing companies #companies that Mr. Lowe said are the best# who promised us they could help us, only to find that they too were scamming us.
This purchase has caused us financial hardship and no longer is we able to pay the maintenance fees.
If someone have information about this business, please contact me back, I will appreciate it.
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0 #5 Matilda Palmer 2015-02-19 23:35
At the moment of the timeshare presentation, the timeshare salespeople will tell you anything you need to hear to make you sign the timeshare agreement. This is the case of Pueblo Bonito timeshare, one of the most fraudulent resorts in the timeshare industry. They are more complaints about this resort:
0 #4 Cindy Ravanis 2012-08-07 23:07
First trip to Cabo. Got roped into timeshare presntation. Blatantly ied to by so called sales rep CYNDI JOHNSON. Ended up buying because the resort is truly lovely. What we talked about for 6 hours ended up not being anything we talked about. She convinced us that what we were signing was an old contract and we have addendums attached showing the differences. They supposedly were going to give us money towards the sale and buy our timeshare. A few days later after returning home and re examining the contact and trying to make use of some of the so called bebefits. Only to find out that everything was a lie. Did not sign off oue existing timeshare. Have filed a complaint with our credit card company toget some of our money back. Have tried unsuccessfully talking with sales rep LIAR CYNDI JOHNSON and supposed member services manager and no one will respond. Have also filed a dispute with concord serving. Want out of this dishonest contract. Beware of this sales presentation filled with lies and need help to get out of this contract
0 #3 yemme 2010-09-06 19:14
Unfortuanately I expressed buyers remorse immediately to the salesman the next morning and believed him when he told me it was too late and there was nothing i can do. If this was less than 30 days ago is there anything I can do. Even if I am willing to lose my $7030 desposit. Thanks.
0 #2 dupedbyPuebloBonito 2010-02-27 15:14
Dear Vig-
Am wondering if you have checked into TOA? Regardless, there is more that you can do on your own. If you contact me I can possibly help you.

Posting on is another avenue.

Our contract has been cancelled Feb 10, 2010, and while this is a relief, we will not stop until our deposit is refunded. The sales practices at Sunset Beach need to be reformed.
0 #1 dupedbyPuebloBonito 2010-01-26 11:47
I have both visited and commented on your blog spot. I'm wondering if you have had any relief in recovering from your "sound financial decision"? Please advise.

We are using The Owner's Advocate (TOA) online to help us legally respresent the misrepresentati ons and fraud involved in sales at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. And we're doing a lot on our own, as well. We want out because what we bought is not what we were sold.

Selling it is not an option as you will lose too much--they know this. And renting?--well, you've seen where that goes.

I wish you the best in your effort. This really should not happen to any more tourists enjoying a week in a lovely location. Buyers--beware!

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