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Mayan Palace - Cheated on holiday and refused return of deposit twice!!! within the five day period

I recall that my friend and I landed in Cancun dead tired from London after ten hours in the air! I was dreaming of a nice comfortable bed. Some Mexican men were at the airport selling what seems to have been "cheap trips around Mexico". My friend wanted to know what they were doing as they were calling out to the passing tourists who had just come out of the passport control area. I was amazed that she went towards them in such a hurry to see what they were doing there. I called out to her saying that we had our rep at the hotel but she would not listen and just said that she wanted to hear them out. She immediately bought two tickes to Chichinitsa. And the men then got details of where we were staying etc.

The next morning they arrived at nine in the morning to take us to this "most luxurious five star resort called the Mayan Palace!". It was impressive, and certainly took longer in the car, which by the way had been parked by them in the alleyway by the side of hotel and not in front of the hotel, as is the norm there. I asked why this should be so and they simply said that they did not want the hotel staff to see them knowing how superior their accommodation is to ours they might be jealous and tell us something negative about them!!! They were hiding from the hotel staff, as they would have told us to stay away from the scammers. In fact looking back it was a terrible mistake. I was amazed how my friend just trusted them and was willing to go with them without even asking our travel represenative of Thomas Cook whether it would be a good idea and who these people are..I mean we had only just arrived to an unknown world for us. It was a long way from home.

Anyway, we finally arrived at the Manyan Palace where we had a "free breakfast", and really we had all the food we needed in our hotel, we did not really need thier breakfast. But it was fine and we had a pot of coffee etc. Finally the saleswoman by name of Darci took us to the upper level where the sales are conducted in a very large glass room. It was very large and the gardens were lovely, well kept. The place is very five star, with self-flushing "loos" or w.c.s, a feature I had not seen here in Europe yet. You learn something new everyday, that was the best feature there. I was disappointed to see that the beach was not up to scratch, lot of rocks around. Anyway, we were well set upon by a few sales people and eventually Darci came back and started to really put the pressure on as to how wonderful the deal was - a studio for such little money down payment - $1,795 and a loan on 9 per cent interest to pay of within the next five years the money owed to the company. It all seemed very good yet my inner man, as it were, was saying "No! Don't trust them! and that voice is the only true one, your own inner voice. Unfortunately I was not paying attention to this inner voice, the place was getting me down with all that hype and so many people there, I saw some leaving, and wished that I had been one of them! It was not all that difficult, yet my friend was saying "It is a good deal, go for it!" This really surprised me as we had no time to think about what was involved. There was not going away to think over what was being said even, and needless to say they put hardly NOTHING OF ALL THAT TALK IN WRITING. WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM OF GIVING US A FEW PIECES OF PAPER WITH THE WHOLE DEAL WRITTEN ON IT AND TO GO AWAY AND MULL IT OVER AND COME BACK SOMETIME IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, AS WE HAD LITERALLY JUST ARRIVED! BUT NO THEY SAID AN OLD SALES TECHNIQUE i.e. that the OFFER WOULD NOT BE THERE TOMORROW IF WE WERE TO WALK AWAY FROM IT THAT DAY!!! IT WAS NO GOOD ANYWAY I WAS TO DISCOVER. THEY WERE TELLING US LIES, IT WAS A PLOY TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT YOU WERE REALLY ONTO A GOOD THING, A BARGAIN EVEN. I fell for it finally, my eyelids were closing througout the deal, I felt worse than I had when I arrived the day before and I am ashamed to say that I agreed to all this rubbish which in the depths of my being registered to be all very questionable. I overlooked my own gut feeling and that is when I made the most awful mistake. NEVER GO AGAINST YOUR GUTS, THAT GUT FEELING IS THERE FOR A REASON AND IT IS FOR YOUR PROTECTION!!! I HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT. THEY WERE TO PLAY ON YOUR DESIRE TO OWN, THAT IS SO TRUE, A PROPERTY ABROAD. IT IS, AFTER ALL, A STATUS SYMBOL! ISN'T IT?

Anyway, my friend cunningly used the excuse that she needed to consult with her husband before committing to any contract, and he was in London. I was single, so I could not use that one, although I wished I had used the one I always use i.e. that my accountant must look at the contract first. What a fool I was! I see my weakness now. Well, after the psychological game was played so well by them I walked away feeling that a noose had been tightened around my neck and it had invisibly. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I was to go back to the hotel and really suffer when I awoke in the early hours of the morning, knowing that I had made a very serious mistake the day before and it was reprimanding me all the time. I sat in my room and on the balcony for several hours rereading the contract and the clause about the five day cooling off period. I decided to drink plenty of coffee at breakfast and to move quickly taking two buses back to the Mayan Palace to see the sales rep again and ask for my money back. It was not possible, I am having "buyers remorse" syndrome, which was natural, they said, but really I had a wonderful deal and would see how good it is over the years to come! I was being talked to again and somehow she drained me down to a pulp and so I moved away disheartened. I HAD FAILED TO ACHIEVE MY AIM. BUT I JUST PRAYED AND PRAYED AND THEN RETURNED AGAIN AFTER A DAY WITHIN THE FIVE DAY PERIOD AND ASKED POLITELY TO CANCEL THE CONTRACT AND TO HAVE MY MONEY REIMBURSED ON MY DEBIT CARD. BUT TO NO AVAIL. This time the manager took me into his office and kept the door open. I felt as if they were taping me or something.. I just knew that something was going on. He fobbed me off with some "bonus weeks" and categorically refused to return any money. I was really devastated by this time. I had spoiled my holiday completely by then. I thought that by going there a second time that they would honour the legal time span allowed by Mexcian law to return the money. But they didn't. It was the feeling of powerlessness that was so devastating. Although when I read that others had done the same, families even of several members it made me see what policy they had adopted toward their customers. There was no public relations concern with them whatsoever. The Mexican embassy official here in London said, when I went to ask them their advice, not to pay anything anymore and to forget about the initial deposit. But that was so hard to do bearing in mind how hard I have to work for my living. I thought if I manged to sell the thing, as they promised that you could do that, but that is not easy at all and I was to discover recently that they are appearing on ebay for a fraction of the initial payment! All these lies that they had told me, blatant lies!

So to sell the timeshare you have to lose, renting is almost impossible as well unless you have a personal friend who is willing to go there. London is a long way from Mexico. The air fare alone is so high, some seven hundred to nine hundred dollars!!! What an expense! You feel such a fool for not seeing all this clearly at the time. The practicalities were not there in the deal at all.

Then the disappointment with the RCI, again I was told that it would cost ninety-nine dollars to exchange for another vacation. The other day I was told that they charge one hundred and twenty four pounds, which is about one hundred and fifty dollars. So that is up as well, plus the maintenance cost etc. It is a ludicrous deal for a single person. You need a few friends to travel with you and there are not many who are willing to part with so much money for a vacation to Mexico or anywhere far away. Peoople at this time in particular are being careful with their money.





+1 #1 Ned Heely 2009-09-28 11:52
Hard to believe this criminal activity is still going on. Same happened to me 10 years ago.

RCI needs to be sued, not the developers. RCI is a public company in the west. This will happen like the tobacco companies are being sued. Corruption is slowing it down but the unwilllingness of people to challenge big enterprises in court is the main reason.

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