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Time Out Vacations - Is a SCAM - RIPOFF - FRAUD

I need people to get back in touch with me for the possibility of forming a legal action agains TIME OUT Vacations.

We attended a Timeshare presentation as many have and for our time were given a certificate for a one week vacation through a group called:


We filled out all our paperwork as requested and sent it in on time and they agree we did everything correctly.


In order to get the FREE Vacation we had to book for March 2010.  That was in August 2009.

They told us they would bill us a $200 deposit that would be returned to us after our trip if the property was not damaged.

Come November they got back to us - no trips available in the free month of March 2010 and we would have to pay $350 for a peak week in February 2010 and gave me a hotel they wanted to send us to.

I looked up the hotel and it is nice - but having a sale - in February 2010 I could book that hotel for $365 on my own.

TIMEOUT refused to budge and is keeping my $200 because I did not take the trip.

My plan is to go to the State of California Attorney General and do a class action law suit for my vacation and my $200 deposit.

Also I need to check what action can be taken against Global Discovery Vacations for committing this fraud.

Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have experienced this fraud by Time Out or Global Discovery Vacations.

Also - I have all my paperwork and emails showing what they did and I hope you keep yours as well.

Steven Schenck

(916) 265-3431



0 #38 robert 2012-07-04 01:02
you company told me we won this on a draw,, bull.. and the options are from that web time out, and thats were i sign up and pick where to go so drop dead and stop lieing
0 #37 Tania H 2012-01-27 22:34
We went to a 90 minute seminar and received a free cruise vacation and a week free with time out vacations. I sent in my reservation form on time and just received a letter from them stating that it expired after the 45 days (wondering if it took longer in the mail), exceeded the limit of one per household per year and my original form was not submitted. I sent in the form I was given. There was NO number for me to call them back and when I looked up there website no number and email to contact them. NICE WORK TIME OUT VACATIONS!!!!!
0 #36 Ann 2011-07-24 20:53
Roger, Time out for Vacation took 950 USD from my mastercard in November 2010 and I am still waiting to be reimbursed. I had many phonecalls in the meantime with them, I have sent back my flight tickets then the lied to me telling they never received the tickets back, thanks to FedEx I could proof that these tickets were sent back to Time out for Vacation, but the did not want to accept them anymore and ordered Fedex to destroy them. So I told them that I contacted a lawyer (which is true) and that they do nog have any right to keep my money. So finally they agreed to reimburse me but I am still waiting. I tried to call them last week by phone (001 302 857 0302) and by email (cs@yourholiday getawey) but no answer. And I tried to call them on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I am fed up with them and I will go to the police tomorrow.
0 #35 Cindy Harris 2011-03-09 01:42
My husband and I went to a 90 PLUS minute Time Share Sale Seminar. We decided not to buy and was given a 1 week vacation of their 12 destinations and we only have to give a $200.00 refundable deposit for cleaning. We have until May 11th 2011 to use this certificate. But now we are a little worried from what we have read. Has anyone out there used their free vacation certificate? And if so how did the process go? Or maybe we should just forget it????
0 #34 Katrina Foster 2011-01-12 19:31
I am very worried about this as a company called Your Holiday getaway is also pulling the same con. like others my mother was scammed out of over £700. I am going to report this to British Telecom and Oftel, as well as BBC watchdog. trading standards might be interested also.
0 #33 dennise 2010-12-29 12:30
Have yuo contacted your cc? Because they have a form you can fill in to get your money back, but with in 30 days.
Otherwise you have to mail them that you want to cancel the package and send back the package they going to send (try to cancel that before they send it, so you don't have to don't have to send it beck (costed me 10 euro)
They will keep 30% from your money. So concat you bank first, maybe you get all youre money. Your bank will check if it's a ripoff and than send back your money. I was to late to get my money back through the bank, that's why they kept 155 euro from me. It's a lot off money to gave away to those thieves.
Good luck
0 #32 Dennis 2010-12-29 11:57
I was promised a vacation package with a value of 3.600 EUR. I also gave them my Credit card no. for them to check that "I was the right person". The next day thay had stolen 1.100 US$ from my account.
I am still fighting for getting it back. What can I do??
+1 #31 Dennise 2010-11-24 17:53
I know your pain. Have tried to contact the bank??
If you send back the pakkage AND they recieve it with in 30 days you some money back. They capt 150 euro for administration cost. Yeah right.
It cost me more than that, 10 euro to sent back the pakkage and the phone calls off course. E'mail them and tell them, don't bother sent the package. And to take contact with you insteat of your mother.
Good luck
0 #30 Kevin 2010-11-24 10:36
I have just recieved a call from my 76yr old mother who has had £700 taken from her account by Time Out Vacations. Yes she did give her card details but this was only after she had said NO and the rep just kept calling her back. What a disgusting way to traet our elderly you should be ashamed. What does a 76yr old lady with walking problems want with a holiday to Mexico and Amercia when she has difficulty flying the 3 hour from the UK to Spain. No doubt Rodger will point out she can have a refund YEH right how do you sleep at night.
0 #29 MR 2010-11-23 12:28
they just called me as well .... this is proper scam ... if its to good to be true , think about it staight away !!!!!

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