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El Cid - Timeshare Fraud

AVOID ALL EL CID TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS AT ALL COSTS! We were frauded by El Cid Vacation Resorts  out of $14239.75 (+ $39500 to be paid) while we were on our honeymoon at the El Cid Marina in Mazatlan, Mexico on 12- 21-2009. In total El Cid's General Manager intends to fraud us out of about $54,000 plus various fees. He has falsified our signatures and altered the original contract.

 Pretty much everything that happened to all these people at these websites, happened to us. Look up these websites. The complaints are ENORMOUS! or just Google El Cid + Fraud + complaints
We were lured to a presentation on 12-21-2009 and promised no payments, no interest, 2 weeks Lifetime ALL-INCLUSIVE benefits for two people at EL CID Resorts in Mazatlan and EL CID in Puerto Morales.
We we given 3 Free Vacation Weeks, two at the new resort El Cid purchased in Spain and one week at their new property in England. We were told by Fernando Alonzo Gonzales - General Manager, we would have "all the normal fees for these vacation weeks waived PLUS El Cid Vacation would also pay for all our food and drink while we were at these resorts and  all we would have to pay for would be our airfare."
The certificates we received say we pay from $496.00 to $539.00 for a one bedroom and we pay all our own food and drink. We were lied to.
All these things promised by El Cid vacation Club have turned out to be lies and were not documented. The exchange of my timeshares were not documented either. They sent me a card to advertise them with a broker! El Cid General Manager promised me 27 cents per point for the exchange.
 We just now received our first and only set of papers and a falsified Contract with fraudulent signatures today 1-8-2010. Our signatures have been photocopied and placed on documents we never signed or have ever seen before today 1-8-2010!
El Cid Timeshare General manager told us that we would not have to pay any cash except a "security fee of $14,275" this fee was to hold the deal until my 3 Wyndham  timeshares transferred. We were told we were making an even exchange by selling El Cid Vacation Resorts my three weeks of timeshare with Wyndham Vacations Resort for three weeks of their timeshare program and the $14,275 was only a security fee that would be returned to us when El Cid Vacation Club received the Deeds to our timeshares. This is not in the falsified contract.
El Cid Vacation Club General Manager never provided us with a copy of a contract while we were at the resort! We felt this was suspicious! ( DAHH!)We went to him the next day and a second time 2 days later and we said we wanted a copy of everything we had signed and of their promises in the contract. They finally gave us a CD the day before we left Mazatlan and told us it had " EVERYTHING" on it. But they had no computers available for our use at the resort. They were not willing to give us any paper copies of the papers we signed!
We asked if we could cancel our contract since they could not provide us a hard paper copy of it. They said you don't have any days to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico. We have since found out that is untrue. Mexico gives you 5 days to cancel. Anyway, we got home and Fernando Alonzo Gonzalez had given us a blank CD. After many phone calls and emails to the salesman, Fernando Alonzo Gonzalez, at El Cid Marina Beach in Mazatlan, he mailed us a paper copy which we recieved today 1-8-2010. It is not signed by anyone at the El Cid. Their are none of the benefits promised and the contract has had many items changed on it and our signatures photocopied and placed on documents I know we did not sign! It does not include any of the benefits or even the sale of my timeshares in the contract. Some of our signatures have been photocopied onto forms we did not sign or even see. El Cid Vacation Resorts is simply trying to bill us over $48,000 that we never agreed to. They already billed us $14239.75 on the RCI Charge Card that Fernando Alonzo Gonzalez insisted we apply for " to secure our deal until my timeshares we transferred". In the " false frauded contract" we received today it says the $14239.75 is a downpayment!
The General Manager  insisted we apply for the new RCI Mastercard. He told us that El Cid Vacation Resorts would make all the payments and pay the 2% interest until my timeshares were transferred. He knew a new charge card would not have a FRAUD insurance policy on it at our bank.
We closed the RCI Bank of America Charge Card with the fraudulent charges of $14239.75 on it by Ventas Timeshares ( alias El Cid vacation resorts). We reported this to Bank of America Fraud Dept. and Wyndham Title Department.
Here are the charges we have accrued so far. $14,239.75 plus the falsified contract we received today says we must pay $420.00 for %12.00 interest per annum plus $85.00 El Cid monthly membership fees.
 We never signed to agree to any of this. Our signatures have been copied and put on forms we never signed or even saw.




0 #13 Matilda Palmer 2015-02-23 23:53
Getting into a timeshare can be very easy, getting out, not so much. Many vacationers purchase timeshares with the intention to travel around the world, some others pretend to buy the vacation property as a financial investment (which is actually unwise move), while some of them were practically pushed into it. Whichever the reason is, the truth is that loads of timeshare owners regret their purchases. There are lots of timeshare scams. Take a look on
0 #12 Pauline Aubert 2014-11-20 23:13
Common Complaints:

Salespeople offer clients false promises of discounts on airfares, cruises, car rentals etc.
Salespeople claim that the points have more value than they actually do for exchange purposes.
Clients are sent the full contract on a CD to their home address. They do not receive a full copy to review and decide whether or not they want to cancel within the 5 day rescission period allowed by Mexican Law.
Salespeople offer to resell a previously owned timeshare or take it over in trade so that the client is only responsible for the maintenance fees for the new timeshare. This never happens.
0 #11 Linda 2011-06-28 17:39
Quoting leo:
Linda how were you able to resolve your case? can you please help m eout

Yes, resolved. I simply stated the facts firmly, in writing and on the phone, and they refunded me. I have no further complaints.
0 #10 leo 2011-06-28 17:29
Linda how were you able to resolve your case? can you please help m eout
0 #9 leo 2011-06-28 17:26
Linda how were you able to resolve your case?
0 #8 Linda Spratt 2011-03-03 17:43
See following issue is now resolved, and happily so. Have no complaints now!
0 #7 Linda Spratt 2011-03-03 17:39
I am happy to report that El Cid did the right thing and has canceled all claims. They were honorable in their responses to me and our misunderstandin g has been completely cleared up to my total satisfaction. I take back all my negative comments after seeing how they handled my case.
0 #6 Linda Spratt 2011-02-21 22:51
Yup, exact same thing happened to me...Alfonzo Velazquez was the crook in my case, at El Cid Marina in Mazatlan last month. All the same assurances, all the same lies, and a blank CD instead of my copies of their false documents. I have closed the RCI Visa card with a false $10,300 charge on it, and only hope these guys get shut down by fraud charges. They work with Resort Closings, Inc., which must be in on the scam as well....they are asking for money too. Hope to reverse all the damage and go take a shower to get the slime off!
0 #5 Lisa 2010-12-08 16:34
If anyone can figure out a way to let the public more aware of this and need help from other victims of this please let me know! I almost was able to get our story on a national tv show but then they dropped it at the last minute to go with stories even worse than this. They still might use the story in the future but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe if enough people complain to the media we could raise some awareness here.
0 #4 dave rice 2010-12-08 14:50
el cid also robbed me in cozumel i feel sorry for your situation my loss was a great deal less money something has to be done about this to warn people

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