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Playa del Sol - Fraud 2

I bought a timeshare in 2003 from Playa Del Sol under fraudulent sales practices--lies, lies, lies! Believe nothing they say if you are considering a purchase from them. I could go on and on ...

Currently I am fighting to have my purchase price refunded and membership rescinded and going through Profeco--the Mexican agency set up to help individuals dealing with such organizations. Upon initial communication with Playa Del Sol, they argued the points I outlined and refused to meet my demands. They said my terms were 'unacceptable.'

Regardless I am pursuing every avenue I can to have this situation alleviated, including contacting my local and nation Attorney Generals. If you are in a similar position I urge you to follow similar steps. This organization needs to understand buyers to have a voice!


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0 #30 WaltD 2012-02-23 22:27
I would be interested in participating if a class action suit is filed. Our most recent (and ongoing) issue regards the payment of maintenance fees. When I bought in several years several years ago, I had a pay per use fee structure, which simply means that I don't pay any annual maintenance fees until I book a vacation. Now they're billing me over $500 for 2012 even though I haven't reserved any time, claining that I have a partial pay per use contract. I dealt with them on this last November an thought I had it settled. Now I just received a bill for the maintenance fee plus a late payment penalty. Here I go again....
0 #29 p.counihan 2012-02-01 16:59
Please up date me with the latest on this company. We like the rest were bombarded with fees which they wanted us to pay each year. Why has this company got away with scamming the public.
There are so many of us involved, can't we make a case of it and do something about it?
It sounded so great and honest money was given to the company.
Please let us have your comments.
We now have people offering to BUY the property, this seems to be another scam. Look it up on the computor. Thank God for the computor as we have the means to check up on things.
They just want us to walk away and forget about our honest money given to buy a nice opportiunity to go to Mexico
0 #28 Rich Boyd 2011-05-28 05:24
Thank you very much for this information. My hope was that we could sue them for breech of contract. As you mentioned that the contract or their practice has changed so much that it does not resemble the document they provided. It would seem that there must be some kind of breech of contract somewhere.

However, in lieu of the information you provided, the only recourse may be to continue to pursue action with Profeco.

I found another option., a group that takes over timeshares for a fee. The price was $3000.00, this also seem negotiable. We did not pursue this yet. They made some very interesting points. One of particular note was the selling point of "Perpetuity", the idea that you own it for ever and can will it..etc. However, the reality means that they have you for a lifetime of payments or that you pay them whatever fee they decide for maintenance in Perpetuity .

We are going to purse a complaint with Perfeco for now. Maybe if enough people do the same, their fraudulent practices will cease. I would be interested in hearing how you case is progressing.

Thanks, Rich Boyd
+1 #27 Gordon D. Burkholder 2011-02-05 22:13
You do not have to be present at the PROFECO meetings. You have to contact them and initiate a complaint. They will contact you and arrange for all of the sessions after that. So far we have had 2 sessions and the results have been minimal. PROFECO has levied a $6000 fine against PDSG for non-compliance of requests for documents. There will be another meeting scheduled. PROFECO tells me that if I do not respond to their letter that they will drop the conciliation process and that this might impact my case if it went to the "Mexican tribunal".
I have been suggesting to PROFECO that I would be interested in cancelling my membership and have offered this as a solution to the dispute. This will be presented at the next session, I presume. I have also inquired about the Tribunal and want to know what exactly they can do for me. I have been in contact with a law firm who tells me that there is no suit I can bring against PDSG because they can only get back money fraudulently obtained at the initial purchase time. Since we have used the time share and been members since '06 there appears to be little or nothing we can do. All the talk we hear about "class action suits is really meaningless because there is nothing legal to sue for. Our contract seems to have been well written and no amount of breaching on PDSG's part seems to affect it. I am totally baffled by this since they have made so many changes to the original structure of their company that my contract doesn't seem to be applicable any longer. The one thing we can do is to use the law firm to cancel our contract. That will cost $1500 and take up to 6 months.
I will not be paying any more money to PDSG for maintenance or fees until this situation is resolved. I hope this response has been of some help.
Gord Burkholder
0 #26 Rich Boyd 2011-02-05 01:50
Can you tell me are you required to be present at this meeting with PDS at Profeco for mediation or is Profeco acting as your mediator?

+1 #25 Rich Boyd 2011-02-05 01:01
Have you had success yet with your attempts and a refund? I am very interest. I too will be attempting to get a refund. I appreciate the work you've done in blazing the trail!
+2 #24 Rich Boyd 2011-02-05 00:34
My wife and I as well as my mother are also victims of Play Del Sol. Our maintenance fee and other assessed fee and gone up by 244%. We were lied to at the time of the sale and continue to be lied to each year that goes by.

I see that some have begun to purse claims agains PSD. I am also interested is pursuing this. I would like to get my money back. I there a possibility of or has anyone thought of pursuing a class action suit against PSD with regard to Fraud and Deception.
+3 #23 GinnyK 2011-02-02 01:10
My parents and I are Costa Sur owners since 1980s. This is the first year we are having trouble banking weeks with interval. My Mom has been trying for two months and I have been trying for a month. PDS finally banked my week today after I told them I was going to call my credit card company and report them for fraud to get my maintenance fee back. Now I found out they put my week through as a late booking (because they were not trained on the interval system to deposit in a timely manner)! I've now been on hold for over 30 minutes trying to get through to get them to correct this. PDS is absolutely horrid we never had these problems with Costa Sur. Any action we can take against them count us in! We would dump both our fixed weeks if we could-its just not worth dealing with them anymore!
+1 #22 Kim 2011-01-31 01:17

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+2 #21 Debbie Trautman 2011-01-29 17:16
I have always questioned if Ken Molinaro was also behind Bellaire Collections. I just got back from PDS Los Cabos. I questioned the staff and they confirmed my thoughts that he is in fact also Bellaire!

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