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Defender Resorts - Unethical Business Practice

We purchased our timeshare at Maritime Beach Club, North Myrtle Beach, SC in June 2008. All maintenance fees, etc. were collected at that time.

In August 2009, we were notified by the 'management' company, Defender Resorts, that we owed them an additional $49 for tracking our RCI points. Their letter stated that when we purchased our unit, the marketing company paid for the first three years. Ok, what part of simple mathematics and a calendar do these idiots not understand? 2009 does not equal three years from 2008. I placed FIVE phone calls to these morons and never received a call back. I sent three letters and included copies of our purchase contract and our refusal to pay until the three years was up, WITH our maintenance fees. Obviously they received the letters and STILL they insist they be paid. What service are these THIEVES providing when our RCI Points membership tracks our points?
Stay away from these unethical practitioners of a timeshare SCAM!!!



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0 #1 Tim Kelly 2010-02-26 23:21
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