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Calypso Cay Vacation Villas‏ - Class Action Law Suit

In May 2006, I received a fax from this compaany in Florida telling me abour all vacations I can take, 3 days in Daytona Beach, a cruise to the Bahamas. I contacted them and I was told that this was a great vacation and all that. I sent checks for different things.

I had to give the amount of my yearly salary as well as my husband. Well in August of 2006 we went down there. The very next day this woman came over and stated asking us all sorts of questions about when we take vacatin and how ofent we take vacations and began telling us how much money we would pay if we just went on vacations on our own. She told us we needed to come to the office the next day. When we said we want time to thing about buying a timeshare, she went and got her boss and he came out and said, this is not FREE, it cost money to bring you down here. They pressure my husband and me into buying this timeshare. I had just been informed that I was very sick and my defense was very very low. They
knew that we could not go on vacation the following year because it was already past the time in whcih we would have needed to book our week. When I called to book our week in February of 2007, a man answered and told me you don't have a week to chose, you have already missed you week. He told me I would have to wait until 2008. When I called in 2008 I book a week in Argentina for June of 2008. Calypso Cay Vaction Villas cancelled my week and told me again I did not have a week to book or exchange. So happended when I had called and booked my week to go to Argentina, I had gotten the name of the person that I had spoken to. When I called back, they changed their tune about my week. However, I had to pay a lot of fees to be able to go away.
I' am hoping that we can all get togother and hopefully have our STATES filed a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT FOR ALL OF US THAT HAVE BEEN EXPLOITED AND RIPOFF AND FINALY STOP THESE COMPANIES. If after reading this article and you feel like I do, please respond.


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0 #98 abhishek 2012-07-30 19:42
I have been ripped off as well and want to join this class action law suit. Let us know (email provided) whom to reach out to
0 #97 Savuth 2012-03-10 04:41
I too made a purchase back in Nov. 2011. Yes we were lied too and yes I would join the Law Suit.
0 #96 Sue 2012-01-19 03:32
I heard C. Cay will soon be slapped with a class action lawsuit for wages. We can do this too. Let us not give up. Did anyone find a lawyer? I want in on any lawsuit against these thugs.
0 #95 Ray 2011-12-27 03:13
We bought a timeshare in 11/2011 and we are very suspicious and can't get anyone to call us back. We think these guys are a bunch of phoney's. What's the latest info on this situation?
0 #94 Sissy White 2011-12-16 17:42
If anyone has any more info about this please let me know. My credit is being ruined now because I don't have $3500.00 to pay them to get out of the contract. They are liars and need to be stopped!
0 #93 Sue 2011-12-15 02:53
Have any of you complained to any authority about your experience with Calypso Cay? If so, could you give teh details? I want to do something about the way we were treated.
+1 #92 Tom&Cyndy 2011-08-18 22:27
WE WANT IN ON A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!! We purchased a timeshare with C Cay in 4/2010. We were mislead and lied to also. We initially inquired to the sales manager what to do with the timeshare if we wanted to sell it we were told no problem, C Cay wanted 1st dibs to buy it back. When inquired to have C. Cay buy it back we were told NO WE DON'T BUY BACK UNITS. We have also encountered other problems and deceptive tactics and are tired of the fraudulant run around. We are fed up with C. Cay. I spent numerous amounts of time chasing people to speak with and got NOWHERE. IF someone has an attorney that will help let us know. We plan to report these issues with the attorney general of PA [where we live] and FL.
0 #91 Linda Smith 2011-08-11 18:31
The going rate for most timeshares is $1. You can't sell them and people will give them to you all day long. I've tried donating and no one will take them. Some places will take their deed back and write off the maintenance fees, but Calypso is not one of them.
0 #90 Linda Smith 2011-08-11 18:25
This place has been a rip-off from day 1. First we were told that it didn't matter what week we were deeded because it was flex time and all red weeks. Of course we ended up with Opal (the worst) and of course, it does matter. We were sold the 3 BR lockoff and a big line of B.S. on how we could use it. They have been a nightmare to deal with every since. We paid $13,000 for an odd year only use. We were lied to by "Maria" in so many ways. We own 8 other timeshares. This is the only one that is impossible to deal with. I called to see if they would take the deed back and they said no. Big Surprise.
+1 #89 andrew 2011-08-09 16:24
Does anyone have any good experiences with ann pellegrino the time share lawyer?

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