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Mayan Palace - We barely escaped

We barely escaped that place and their tricks. When we weren't sure they crammed the 5 day cooling off period down our throats and when we tried to cancel they were upset that we knew about and demanded to know who told us.

It took a lot of yelling to get them to even give us the cancellation paperwork. The reason we canceled is that what they tell you in the presentation and what you read in the contract are in complete contradiction. They told us were were buying a 100 year contract but really it was a 10 year contract with a 100 year certificate that they don't have to honor in the future as it clearly says in the contract.

They also didn't tell us that every 10 years you have to renew the certificate and pay the fees within 30 days of the anniversary or you lose the certificate. It was such a load of crap all the way through. The next day after we bought but before we had thought to read the contract the timeshare offered us a free breakfast. After we canceled they charged us for the "free" breakfast when we checked out.

We were lucky to run into an old employee of theirs who showed us the portions in the contract to be leery of. We were so lucky.


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0 #4 Matilda Palmer 2015-04-27 18:54
The only way to escape the Mayan Palace timeshare nightmare is cancelling the timeshare contract. There is good information on how to do it:
0 #3 Margaret Supansick 2011-04-20 12:20
We are hacing a Great Timeshare Experience again in Central Florida.
Many weeks at the Daytona Resort and Club; visits to our Vacation Village at Parkway; and again to Lago Vista in Kissimmee. Our Souther Florida Adventure starts with our May 21st visit to Sanibel Beach Club; two weeks at Snug Harbor on Fort Myers Beach; and a week at Bonita Resort. Again the greatest: "The Next Resort" Please, please comment on your Adventures.
0 #2 Margaret Pearl 2010-06-03 13:41
Have not been to a Scsm site in years. We hnow the what to look for. A great tour is done in the open, 1- a large room
2- A guided tour 3- Most of all > Our tour friends at the pool having a great time. 4- Nothing Hidden.
+1 #1 Margaret Pearl 2010-06-03 13:33
Our last visit to Vacation Village at Parkway found the familiar sales pitch.
Take the Tour, Listen Very Carefull, pick your "Level" of Timeshare Adventure, and enjoy the $100.00. Other Orlando-Kissimm ee Resorts are using "Same".

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