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Calypso Cay - Cold Call

I received a cold call about a great vacation deal involving Calypso Cay: I had a standing credit from 10 years ago; I was a preferred customer; Since I had no recolletion of this I asked for a fax, email, snail mail be sent so I could review it. I was then transferred to a "closer" who was a pushy SOB. I hung up on him. He called me back. I hung up again but my wife was still on the other line and heard his closing comment: "He's an idiot". They won't send me information......they want me to pay up front....they tell me its an offer in conjunction with my credit card company.... Alas, I don't accept it!!!! AND, I'm the idiot??????????? How do you spell scam?


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0 #1 Gene Saxman 2010-08-05 17:21
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