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Hacienda del Mar in Cabo is Ripping us off!!!!!

Hacienda del Mar in Cabo is ripping us off!!!

My husband and I purchased at Hacienda del Mar over a year ago, but when we stayed at the resort for the first time early this year, we realized that the sales meeting was based on a bunch of lies. We complained many times both to Hacienda del Mar and to the Sheraton. When that went nowhere, we began to post our story on the Web. We also documented our situation to Profeco and finally, Profeco got involved (they had to because the contract was so poorly written).
Profeco has not had much of an effect though. Hacienda del Mar cancelled our contract after Profeco got involved, but 5 months later Profeco still has not gotten our money back. While Hacienda del Mar has our money, Profeco is showing up as a toothless organization that cannot make anything happen.

So how much are we being ripped off for??? Hacienda del Mar has about $5000 of our hard earned dollars - which is about half of the value of the whole contract!! Hacienda del Mar said that because we stayed there for one week, that this is what we owe for that one week (coupled with the $700 in maintenance fees, brings the total that Hacienda del Mar is charging us (ripping us off for) to almost $6000, but for only one week! This is over 5 times higher than what we would have paid under the contract. Also, that week that we stayed there was miserable because we had learned that Hacienda del Mar had scammed us into the contract.

After learning that we were ripped off, we have been looking around the Web and found that our story is typical of quite a few ohers who have attended sales meetings at Hacienda del Mar. Our experience dealing with the management of Hacienda del Mar shows that they are a cold, calculating bunch which seeks to profit through greed - no service there.... They even threatened us with legal action. They boasted to us that they have a team of staff onboard to do their marketing - which means that Hacienda del Mar can rip people off and they know how to minimize the effects of the complaints. For them, ripping people off has become a way to do their business.

My husband and I have attended many timeshare sales meetings. Some were pleasent, others were not so pleasent, but none have lied and treated us as badly as Hacienda del Mar. My advice is to stay away from this place! The resort looks nice, but looks can be, and in this case, are deceiving....

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0 #1 Matilda Palmer 2015-10-06 17:51
This company is one of the most fraudulent developers ins the timeshare industry. The only thing you can do is cancel your timeshare contract. There is a good article with information about how to do it:

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