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Playa del Sol Grand

We are presently at the grand. Upon check in the concierge followed us like a vulture to reception. We told her several times we did not want to go to a time share meeting. She told us the meeting was to inform us of the changes. Basically she was lying.


We have not gone to the meeting but spoke to someone that did yesterday. Belair is now trying to sell, for 15,000, a certificate that allows them to go to any timeshare in the world for half price....what a joke!
This owner also informed me that she has not received a "special assessment", nor have we. We learned that the only people who received this assessment are owners at costa sur.

The new owners, howard johnson are using all kinds of scare tactics to get the owners out as the howard johnson wants to facility to be an all inclusive resort only. Can anyone confirm this? Perhaps when we are posting these messages we should be identifying which resort we purchased from to avoid confusion. There seems to be differences depending which resort you first purchased from. Like I say, we have not been asked for a extra assessment fee.

On another note, the grand is experiencing many upgrades. I currently have wifi in my room, the paths on the grounds are being replaced, the rooms have new paint, tbs, blenders, toasters, and appliances. Ship wreck kelps is now open, with an added palapa bar on the beach. Plans for another building and pool at the front of the resort are also being considered.

The staff are great except for the female concierge who lies to every one as they check in desperately trying to get owners to commit to a " information update" meeting. She should be fired.

Cheers from sunny bucerias!

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