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We were just walking down the street in Honolulu on our first day there. A man offered us free tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center if we would just listen to a brief presentation. He hurried us there so we would not "miss out". This was all so public that we assume the Hawaii Travel Bureau would stop it if it were shady. The presenation was very good and the offices were very professional. After the presentation we were ready to leave and tried to do just that very politely. We were put under pressure and then the Big Dog (who appeared to be from the islands) came in and found out that we had lived there years ago. He offered us a special "Kamaaina" deal. We told him we could not afford it but the pressure continued and he seemed so sincere that we buckled.

We wanted to go online to check on this company and our Vacation Counselor Deji "day-G" told us there was a computer we could see. Suddenly they needed the laptop for someone else and everything got very rushed. We were told we could cancel in 3 days but we did not get a password to access the website until we got back to the mainland. By then it was 2 weeks later and it when we went onto the site it looked like we were not told the truth. There seems to be only condos and they are in places where no one wants to go. We are always so cautious and saved for this trip.

The tourism industry in Hawaii should put a stop to this kind of theft. ALOHA is a cheap word when the city looks the other way. BEWARE WHEN YOU GO TO HAWAII...YOU ARE FAIR GAME. We paid $2995 + $250.00 processing fee. We also agreed to let them charge our credit card $151.20 (Subsequent License Fee) each year beginning 6 months after we signed the papers.

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