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We have rented your timeshare for $3,600

I recieved a voice mail on my cell phone saying they can rent my timeshare for $3,600. When I called the number given (310-734-0187) a young lady told me they could rent my timeshare, I was then given to a heavy acsented woman who said she worked for Global Travel Services and they needed 15 units for a corporate client and that they could take care of it all by a comapany called Universal Services who would do all the paper work for $199.

It sounded to good to be true, so when I called RCI and talked to a friend of mine they said it was probably a scam. So I am reporting it to you.

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0 #1 Tim Hickey 2011-06-20 20:57
In my opinion any service you have to pay for up front is a scam. I have been ripped off by three companies this way, to the tune of almost $2,000!

If anyone is interested in a Marriott Harbour Lake 2br/2ba in Orlando, Florida I am willing to sell it for what the maintenance fees are ($1,091- including $175 for a lien they put on it, of which $100 I paid).

I'd rather someone else get it and use it than it go back to Marriott. It is an awesome resort, I am in a wheelchair and it to travel so it is my loss. I will be losing almost $3,000 by selling it for that much, which I had it in the middle of closing for $5,000- but the buyer backed out, which I don't understand because he is a multi-millionai re. I even have it in writing that he wanted to buy it and turned 3 offers down because it was in the process of closing.

As far as I am concerned that was a legal contract and I needed the money to pay for therapy! Ughh!!

Stay away from those companies, even the ones on TV. I never received one offer from any of them when they supposedly had an interested buyer when I listed (paid for them to list) the property.

If you are not familiar with Marriott Harbour Lake go to and to see a video and details, as well as current and previous guests comments!!

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