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Wyndham - San Diego

My husband Brian and I were invited by one of the wyndham marketers to attend a timeshare seminar in San Diego, CA and in return we would recieve free zoo tickets for our grandchildren that were visiting us. The next day my husband and I and the grandchildren headed to downtown to attend the presentation.

Arriving there we were first greeted by a young lady by the name of gabrielle who didnt even bother looking away from her computer screen to greet us. We were told to fill out a form and have a seat. ( not a great first impression). On the form there is a section where you indicate your yearly household income. Now me and Brian are both retired and have done well enough in our lives where we dont have to work at our age. After turning in the form the young lady walked over to us and in front of grandchildren told us we were not qualified to do the presentation. she went on about how this is a real estate transaction and that the rules must be followed. Brian and I were shocked by her comments seeing that we own several investment homes right here in san diego. We asked to see a manager and she went on tell us that she was the resort supervisor and that she makes the final call. Now the resort was beautiful and we had a hard time understanding why a young girl in a tanktop and checkered tennis shoes was in charge of all the employees. My husband did not want to waste our day arguing to do a timeshare presentation so we left. Till this day i'm still upset that a company and its employee would tell a war vetern and a lifelong educator to simply go home when we were invited to attend. If anyone else has had a smilar situation happen to them at wyndham please contact me. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) I refuse to let them continue with there unlawful practices.




+1 #2 Bill 2009-05-06 07:45
Howdy, Kelly and Brian. I understand the insult you felt but, believe me, the kindest thing they did for you was not try to sell you their scam, I mean, package. I bought the packet not having any idea of all the lies they were telling me to get me to sign up. When I did come to my senses, it was too late to cancel according to everybody I talked to, including somebody from the board of directors. I FINALLY got my money back and out of the contract after filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and hinting at a lawsuit. Again, my opinion is that you were insulted, but were lucky not to be scammed. - Bill
+1 #1 Guest 2009-04-20 13:55
That is shameful and tacky to do it in front of the children! You saved yourself a headache though. We did it here in San Antonio Texas. It was three hours long and the salesman told a racial joke. His demeanor changes from friendly very quickly when we said our final no. The sales manager that comes in to close the deal was rude and abrupt. And we werent there for any freebies! We were guests of my sister in law that owns a piece of the time share! And the stay was horrible to say the least! I saw another couple treated rudely by another salesman and he attacked her for not wearing a name tag. ??? Heaven help us if we had agreed things get worse from what I have read online today. First thing we were asked when we confirmed our reservations was our income. They were chargeing $150 for a $60 room if you didnt go to the program. If anyone says you have to sign right now or the deal will evaporate and not geve you even a day to think about it - dont walk, run away from the "deal". Or if you dont get the actual contract paperwork untill 30 days after you have signed the agreement - run dont walk! If you still do it any way...make sure you get a full address to send your written confirmation of a change of mind to get out of the contract. Most states give you 3-7 days. But many people are given only a partial address in the letterhead of their agreement paperwork. Once you get the contract with all the fine print of all the fees and exemptions its way too late. Kelly your experince was indeed awful and unjust. But it could have been worse if you had been dazzled and pressured into a bad investment. Count yourself lucky the sales people didnt get ahold of you. Tell your husband thanks for protecting me and my family and for serving his country. (my dad was a veteran too!) BL

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