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Hacienda del mar time share scam

If you read the time share contract closely, as most people don't when they sign, there are several entries clearing the company of any responsibility for their sales staff promises made during the presentation. This gives the salesperson free reign to say nearly anything that sounds reasonable to cinch the deal.This leads to false promises and manipulation.

They must believe that Americans are naive suckers because that's what we turn out to be. Don't believe this is compatible with US consumer protection law. There's such a thing as truth and fairness in writing contracts. If that's so that would make these contracts null and void at least in the US.Guess this doesn't apply in good old Mexico.

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0 #1 Matilda Palmer 2015-09-10 19:23
A timeshare purchase is never a good idea. Some people buy them with the idea of a financial investment, but a timeshare is not a good investment at all. Besides, there are lots of fees involved. This is a good article that has good information about timeshares and how to use it properly: [url=]

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