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Playa del Sol Fraud

My husband and I purchased a triple lock off unit which was presented as the newest type of 2bd to be built at the Grand in Nuevo Vallarta and future locations. First years use at the Grand was suposed to be in 2008.
2008-Visited the Grand to see for myself if the units had been built. We were lied to by the sales manager Candy, who said there were such units but all were occupied. We then met with Mr. Triggs VP Marketing who admitted that the units were not built at the Grand and the resort had no future plans to build the triple lock off units. They had a few of them at the Cabo resort but shortly thereafter that resort was closed. He referred us to Mr. Edgar Peniche in the Finance Dept for a refund and cancellation of our contract. In early 2009 Mr. Peniche agreed via e-mail to refund $16,000 USD which was acceptable to us. However, when we asked about additional compensation for the two US timeshares that we traded in as equity and no longer owned, his reponse was that all deals were now off the table.
We proceeded to contact Profeco in Mexico and after weeks of sending them documents, they agreed to mediate with the resort on our behalf. In August 2010, they were successful in having the resort sign an agreement to refund $12,000USD in three installments of $4,000 each. It is now June 2011 and we have not received payment. All Profeco does is schedule quarterly meetings with the resort and the representative never shows up for the meeting. The same excuse is given by the resort to Profeco. They say that the notfication of the meeting was not received in time. Profeco in turn states that they have no control over the delivery of the notification. The fines imposed on the resort, if at all, appear to be nuisance fees.

In May 2011, I took it upon myself to locate a new contact at the resort and wrote to her about the situation. She actually responded and asked for all the pertinent banking information to expediate my refund. A month has gone by and still no refund. Today (June 15)I received an e-mail from that contact advising me that the resort is having financial difficulties and she apologized for the inconveniences. She said that payment would be made as soon as the resort has the additional funds.

The resort is now owned by Howard Johnson Corporation. I contacted customer relations at 800-544-9881 in the US. I spent over one hour on the phone explaining the situation. A case file was opened and I have been promised that this is being escalated to the corporate office. I was told to expect a return call from a supervisor in 2 days.

If there are enough of us with signed agreements obtained through profeco, perhaps as a group we can hire an attorney in Mexico to represent us. I welcome any suggestions especially from anyone who actually got a refund.

Laurie Skarpnes
Sacramento, CA

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