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Beware of Interval International

I have had more problems with this company than I can remember. However, my latest problem involved trying to use my 2010 week that I had banked. I was under the false impression that I could use it in 2011 at any resort in my Interval International book. However, no one told me that I have to bank with the resort and with interval international if I want to use my week anywhere other than my resort.

I was on the phone for hours with representatives from Interval International and my resort. Each blamed the other for my problems and neither would help me. So the only way I can use this week is to stay at the resort before the end of this year (which is not possible for me). I can't bank it to use in 2012. That might make sense to someone, but that is not what we were told when we bought the timeshare ! and paid the fee to Interval International.

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