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Accent Event Mgmt / Legacy Closing Fraud

Legacy Closing Services of Nashville is involved in a very cleverly designed fraud in conjunction with an affiliate, Accent Event Mgmt of Oklahoma City. On the ruse to act as an intermediary in the purchase of my Puerto Vallarta timeshare, John Neiderhauser, and Christine Reynolds (undoubtedly assumed names) convinced me that they had a buyer seeking to acquire controlling interests in the resort who had deposited purchase money with an escrow company in Nashville, TN, Legacy Closing Services.

Legacy, thru agent Kelly Jacobs (assumed name) asked for commissions and taxes on the sale to be paid upfront. These were to be repaid to me upon closing. These totalled $14,900. Money was wired to a Bancomer account in Puerto Vallarta.
Legacy Closing, with names, Malcolm Levive, Kelly Jacobs, and Michelle Palmer have a phone in Nashville, but no one answers. I'm told that mail is piling up at the door of their office.
Others have undoubtedly been duped as I was.
FBI has been contacted.

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