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Geo Holidays are scammers who know what to have you sign

My husband and I have been scamed by geo holiday. We were in las vegas on sept 10th 2011. We were told that you could right off the time share intrest in your taxes. Come to find out that is a lie. We were also told by are sales lady that she has three time shares and she rents them out on craigslist and thats how she pays her dues.

Then the said well we have to ask you would be using it for personal use though right "wink wink". We were given the free trips but I have found that they do tell us that there were some fee for the cruise, but they dont tell you its going to be just as much if you bought the trip yourself. The whole presentation is filled with lies and misrepresentationa, but they know how to lead and bait you to sign all of your rights away right in front of you. We also asked! after we signed is there any type of cancellation period. They told us no that we signed the contract and that it will go on your credit as a foreclosure.

We did send in the resind letter but they convenintly never got it. We took all of are stuff to an attorney, we did get a response back from the company and they are saying they can't let us out of the contract and that the employes are not aloud to misrepresent the company. What I want to know if this is true then why are so many people on here saying the same story and if someone is going to slander your company and the only way they can keep you as a customer is to sign these misrepresented documents that sounds like a great company!!!! I know if I had a company and I knew my Reps were misleading my customers and causing my customers to slander my business I think I might be doing some looking in to that. !!! Sorry to everone who has gotten invlolved with this company.

I hope to be able to start contacting as many peo! ple as I can to see how we can start a civil suite against the! m. I hav e been told that GEO Holiday has lost there licence permanitly and that makes since why the whole presentation is under GEO Holiday and the paper work is all switched to Starpoint Resorts.

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