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Starwood and II don't share data!

I just wasted 2 hours of my time today (between holds on music and talking to polite representatives), trying to figure out what weeks I had deposited in II since the Starwood desk customer service representative at II told me that he could not see what weeks I had deposited in their system.

I was then told I needed to call Starwood, get the information in detail, and then get back to the II Starwood desk representative and give him the information so he could then help arrange the exchange.
In this date and age of instantaneous information exchange, why is the customer (who is already paying mortgage, maintenance and service fees) having to research what information Starwood has shared with II? Isn’t that Starwood’s responsibility? To know what they share with II! This is something that Starwood should fix, as a high priority, so that the customer is provided a pleasant service experience, vice being used as the “data messenger”. Common–get on with the 21st Century please!

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