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Accent Event Management/Legacy Closing Services SCAM

On June 2011 I was contacted by Accent Event Management claiming interest in buying my timeshare property in Mexico. On June 21st I received a proposal letter from Victor Leon, where it states that they have a client looking to acquire 21% of the property in order to attain controlling interest in the property.

It states: “Our company is prepared to offer the amount listed below for your property:…$30,200.00 USD” I accepted the agreement and on July 29th I was put in touch with Legacy Closing Services, from Tennessee, who told me that I had to send a bank wire of $3,020 for transfer fees to a bank in Mexico. On August 19th Legacy contacted me again to tell me that I had to send another bank wire of $4,273 for the taxes. On September 20th I sent $3911 for commission and closing cost.

After! wiring all the money they requested, I have left a lot of messages but neither of both companies are answering my calls. On October 11th Alex Melona, the accountant for Accent Event Management , informed me that everything was ready and that he had already sent a release letter to Legacy Closing Services, stating that I was ready to receive my funds, a total of $41, 494, money that I haven’t received as of today.

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