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Playa del Sol Vallarta

I have been trying to book my timeshare for months now. After many e-mails and contacting I.I. I finally got in touch with the new company which is Bel Air. I talked to someone on the phone and they assured me that I could have my week at my timeshare which is in the Romantic zone.

An e-mail was sent with my confirmation but did not say exactly where the timeshare was. I e-mailed back just to make sure and they have booked me at another timeshare, not the one I wanted. What the hell is going on with the non-existing Play del Sol? How can I get rid of this timeshare? It is nothing but a pain and I am sick of it. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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0 #1 Leona Rothney 2011-11-04 19:20
:-? does anyone know anything regarding Playa del Sol or Bel Air Vallarta. It seems Plays del Sol is now owned by Bel Air. I purchased my timeshare in 2005 and have never been able to book my original week with Playa del Sol in the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta. Has anyone else had this same problem? It seems this timeshare does not exist now.

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