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Scammed - Bluegreen

Whatever money is paid up front to Bluegreen Property is a total loss to the buyer and therefore a total scam. I paid $17,975 for deeds that give me 10000 points a year IF I pay the yearly Maintenance fee. The maintenace fee is NOW $909 per year. The first year maintenace fee when I signed up in 2005 was only $474. It entitles me to one red week (for example Harbor Lights in Myrtle beach)
I contacted Harbor Lights as an ordinary vacationer and found they will rent the same 2 bedroom unit for one red week for $843 (vs the $909 for the Bluegreen fee). So the deed is worthless. Now for 6 months I have tried to sell my timeshares through for half of what I paid and have no offers, except a sleezy scammer who offered to buy them but only ended up beating me out of $3000 with a forged check. In addition, I paid $1100 up front to list the properties through and got NO hits.

All together I am out over $20,000 for the opportunity to rent facilities that I could get over the internet cheaper with no deeds required. The only reason that I am admitting being so stupid is to keep others from falling for it. i would love to join a class action!!

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