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Grupo Mayan buyout by Wyndham?

My wife and I have a Grand Bliss Master Suite, and have been very satisfied with the times and rooms that we have booked through this ownership. Like so many others though we are much less happy with the whole experience of high pressure and costly presentations that we have attended. we can't be sure that the amount of investment we have made will ever be recovered.  That said, we have just received a proposal from a company called ERA Property Movers that offers us what would appear to be about 2 1/2 times our total investment to sell our timeshare to them. I have called and talked to these people, and there was no pressure, just an explaination of the offer. The catch is that there is a 10% transfer fee to be paid up front by us to the Mexican Government which will be reimbursed within a month when the transaction is complete. When asked, the supervisor I talked to said that they were acting on behalf of Wyndham, who is doing this in the process of taking over Grupo Mayan.

The 10% outlay scares us and looks like another money grab.

I have asked my contact to provide me with names and phone numbers of satisfied clients, and also a contact name at Wyndham who could varify this take over.
Too good to be true describes this proposal, but if there is satisfactory backup of the claim and it seems plausible we may make a move.
Has anyone out there heard about this or had a similar proposal?
Comments welcome.


0 #4 Matilda Palmer 2015-10-29 17:36
The best advice is NEVER buying a timeshare anywhere. It is a scam and the so-called timeshare you buy is sold over and over again to other people. It is very difficult to sell your timeshare now and renting isn't in the deal. It will cost you more to buy a timeshare and maintenance fee than to rent a hotel room or a full ownership of a condo. Don't do it. There is good information about timeshare scams:
0 #3 Kp 2012-01-16 18:37
Any update on this topic. We too received the same call and proposal, but don't see anything about Wyndham.
0 #2 Tom 2012-01-04 17:34
You may not own the property, but you can sell your timeshare rights. That may be all that Wyndham needs.

I know someone else with this offer. I suggest temporarily accepting the offer to get paperwork before sending $$ to the Mex. govt. If the paperwork shows Wyndham as the purchaser - ERA's client, and you do not have to send the money to ERA (the weak link), then the risk might be minimal.
0 #1 Bob Redmore 2012-01-04 06:16
I have been contacted by a rep for the Mayan Group. One of her comments that rang home was that we do not own any propery, what we purchased was lodging rights and services, not resellable property.
I did receive a phone number for Mike Blake who appears to be CIO for Hyatt Hotels and seemed very credible on the phone. I did not reach the 'satisfied customers' apparently because they were away on vacation. By the way, Blake seemed to be in Seattle (according to the area code), and the happy couple was in Austin, TX. After one more call to Caesar with the unbeleivable deal, the couple had been on vacation, so didn't answer or return my calls.

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