Lies - Summer Bay Desert Club

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We own three Timeshares at Summer Bay Desert Club Resort and can not use one of them this year. It appears we are being punished again. I think it goes back to the purchase of The Crown Club that we were talked into by their lies.


We were told that we would be able to get our money back though the  "World Market" which turns out to be a lie , because "World Market" is not available to Canadians. They eventually returned our $5200, by the pressure and help of others.

For almost a full year, RCI had no record of our Timeshares. After dozens of phone calls and many more E-Mails to RCI and Summer Bay -none could resolve the problem. It took a trip to Las Vegas Summer Bay Desert Club , and a talk with Mike Demer to finally get RCI to recognize our 3 units at Desert Club .

We originally owned  WEEKS at Desert Club and could use them, and then they talked us into the POINT system.  RCI now says nobody has deposited thier week, so nothing is available.  So we can not use our times at Las Vegas This year?

Summer Bay also said, 4 years ago they would  set up a Sales Office in thier new office, which they have not done yet!!!

We are fed up with Summer Bay and want out. We paid/have valued 3 timeshares at close to $50,000.  Two 2BR and One 1BR

We want Mike Demer to buy them back for $15,000.