Travels Dream Unlimited - A Nightmare

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This company: Travels dream unlimited contact timeshare owner. Offer them a huge amount of money ($ 2600) for each week they deposit on RCI or II. But there is a catch. You have to pay them $100 upfront for every week you want to rent.

They assured you that they already have some corporations eager to rent your weeks. And these "corporations" are mostly people from Japan. They send you a "contract" with no registration number, not signed, with no named only yours and with a virtual office address. They are so persistent that they work past 12 pm. They are eager to get you to pay with your credit card. At first they try to answer your questions nicely but when you dig deeper and demand them to proof how much succes they have had in the past, they stop calling you . !

People beware of these ladies. Yolanda Guerrero and Ana Sandoval. They tried to scam us involving RCI and II. And this happened december 28 2011.