Grand Mayan - Employee ruined vacation

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I sent this complaint to Grand Mayan Dec 7th 2011, I have not heard back from them as of Jan 1st 2012.
My name is Terre. My daughter, Annie, and I are Grand Mayan owners. I don't know my account number but I wanted to lodge this complaint anyway.

On the 2nd of November I and a friend, John went to Ixtapa for a week vacation. Me, mainly lay around the pool, for John it was archeology pictures and history.
At arrival to the airport we met your employee Francisco Guzman. (I not sure of the correct spelling of his surname) He offered to sign us up for a day pass to the Mayan. I told him no, as a member I could go when ever I wanted, didn't need a pass. He did sign us up for a trip to Isla Ixtapa to snorkel and eat lunch. He also signed us up for a trip to Petatlan to see some archaeological finds that had been washed out by a recent rain and that HE would be the taking us there on his day off because he had not been there himself. He even gave us a cell phone so we could keep in contact in case something happened. He also said that if I needed to contact anyone in the states to let them know I arrived safely that I could use the cell for that too.

I gave him $134.00 US. ( part of the money was for the taxis to and from the airport). Francisco told us he liked getting US money because he would get his tip when he converted the cash to pesos.

I called him on Thursday to let him know that he gave us the wrong charger and the cell battery was almost dead. He said to just turn it off and turn it back on Friday.

On Friday the 4th we met Francisco in front of the Tesoro Hotel where we were staying to go to Petatlan. Instead we ended up at the Loma Del Mar with a day pass! Francisco claimed there was a misunderstanding about our trip to Petatlan but he was off on Tuesday the 8th and he would pick us up in front of Tesoro's. Francisco then took the cell phone and charger, he said he was going to get a replacement for us. At that point he disappeared!!. Never to be seen again! Of course we didn't know that at that time. Oh, just to let you know we were refunded the cab fare, in pesos- 345.00.

We did make it to the Isla of Ixtapa but then another glitch. First that is when we realize that the people at Loma del Mar had kept ALL of our paper work for the day trips we had paid for. Also if we wanted to do other activities (snorkel, kayak, etc) it cost extra, the way Franciso had explained the trip to us it was included. Wish we had known.

So there it was Tuesday the 8th. John, my friend wasn't feeling well ( I think they call it 'turista'). I went down to ask Francisco if we could move it to Wednesday. Well to my surprise Francisco wasn't there, it was his friend Alan. I asked for Francisco and Alan said nooooooo, it was Francisco's day off. But yes, we could do the trip the next day. Meet him at 9am.

Ok, now it's 9am Wednesday the 9th, Alan is out front and I'm not feeling well (too much cerveza) but this would be the highlight of John's trip. Actually the main reason he came to Mexico with me in the first place. I told John I was alright and enjoy the trip to Petatlan. I knew was really looking forward to this tour.

So would you like to know were HE ended up? El Faro!! Wanting him to sign up for some sort of vacation club!! John ended up walking back to Tosero's. We were never able to get in contact with Francisco.

I have to tell you that I have never been so disappointed in a company as I am right now with Grand Mayan.

I truely hope you mend this BIG problem. This trip was a total washout (at the cost of $2,129.80 US, this is just for the flight and Tesoro's) because of the way Francisco dealt with us.

I realize this is a little late for a big rant but I'm really not very good at complaining and wanted to make sure I was accurate and fair. I beleve that Grang Mayan should correct the MAJOR problems created by one of your employees and to notify me on what you are going to do about it.