Royal Holiday Scammed me!

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I am writing to complaint about this company because uses false, unfair, fraudulent and misleading high-pressure sales tactics to consumers to induce into a contract by false and fraudulent representations.

In the week of September 1st my wife and I visited Paradise Island Bahamas. A very friendly woman approached us in the hotel lobby and said she was a Royal Holiday representative and we won a prize for a free lunch and free activities. She called a taxi and took us to Whyndam Resort we found ourselves in a orientation that took more than 4 hours.

The free lunch and activities turn out to be high pressure sales-pitch. We were told that we could go anywhere in the world whatever we wanted. We were told that membership was an investment that would increase in value. We were told that you could sell yo! ur membership and we can make money. We were told that you can rent your membership and make money without any effort. We were told that we had today and today only for this prize. We were told that we write the membership off on your taxes..

They offered discount on air tickets 50% or more|. They did not say was a contract for 30 years,. They did not say about maintenance fees. They did not informed of the time period in which we can cancel our membership?. When I had some doubts they offered us coupons of airfare for 30 nights in Mexico (I found it hidden $99 service fee if used)'. I called many times, e-mail, and letter enclosed to cancel my membership Yazmin Gomez, Claudia Cardenas Gutierrez and Jose Antonio Elizarraraz all of them has the same answer that can not cancel my membership.

Now they are calling everyday threaten us to report us to collect agency and to Credit Bureau!.We called, e-mail, enclosed-letter they do not rescind our contract.