Misled by a Timeshare Resale Company Owner - TIMESHARE LIQUIDATIONS AND INVESTMENTS

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I was employed as an independent contractor by my husband (soon to be ex-husband) and owner and CEO of TIMESHARE LIQUIDATIONS AND INVESTMENTS, LLC. This business and all practices are a complete and total scam, as Mr. Justin Scott Fazio, owner, has never fullfilled any of his contractural agreements that he had promised his clients.


This is a timeshare resale company, claiming to buy timeshares from individuals and then to sell them in bulk acquisitions to corporations, as he claims that the corporations buy them for tax write-off purposes. He usually charges his clients, who are desperate timeshare owners, around $2500 to sign a contract with him, guaranteeing them that he will sell their timeshare for around $30,000.

He has never once even contacted a business to repurchase any timeshares that he has contracts for, therefor he is lying to his clients and taking them for thousands and thousands of dollars. His dishonest practices are to the extent of this; He has a PO Box in Alanson, Michigan for his business, he has the LLC out of Alanson MI, and he has a fake business address location in Grand Rapids, that was actually the address of his father's accountant. This Grand Rapids, MI address has nothing to do with his business.  Also, he lives and operates his business out of Scottsdale, Arizona and does not reside in Michigan at all.

Nor does he receive the contracts from his clients by mail, or have an LLC to operate from Arizona.
When Justin Fazio started this business, we did in fact, live in Michigan temporarily, and he
hired me to do his entire website, the design and contents, marketing campiagns, e-mail blasts, and to do the contractural literature for his company.

He altered things as he saw fit. I completely designed the entire sites contents and every email and script for his "call-rooms" and all materials were made by me. He then altered as he saw fit. But then, he never payed me for this at all. This was months of work for me to do this and i never received a dime for this. The work that I have done to get this company started was literally tens of thousands of dollars of my time, efforts, and my creation. I was as much a victim as every client that he promised to resell their timeshare.

He plans to close down the LLC and start a new one so that his previous contracts with old clientel no longer stand. He is a scam artist and a danger to society and innocent people trying to better their financial situations. Mr. Justin Fazio was arrested for breaking the restraining order against me and viciously attacking me, putting me in the hospital, and him in jail, so he is now ordered to stay in Arizona on probation, and he is also a registed sex-offender that must register to this address: XXXXXX pheonix az XXXXX. This is the location that he also operates his business from.

His business phone number is also a Michigan number:
231-XXX-XXXX. I do not know if this phone number works still or not.

I just want the innocent victims of this scam to be notified by officials that they have been victims to a scam artist, and that they should sue him. I would be happy to help in any way for justice of this. He used me to buy cars, live everywhere we went, and ruined my own personal credit and livelihood by his abuse and misuse of my trust. Now he is victimizing others. I know that this does sound personal and you should investigate. But this is in fact, personal for anyone that has ever been in contact with Justin Fazio, because he has used them in ways that they were not aware of, and do not deserve.

This is not right for people to be victimized over and over again. I can not and will not stand by and let this happen.

Please do something about this.