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Shell Vacations Club: GET REAL!

Seriously, if you are someone thinking about buying a timeshare, stay away from all of them, but especially SVC. I bought my timeshare outright with cash with my then girlfriend, now wife, 7 years ago.

We even pay our maintenance fees for the entire year all at once, and never miss a payment. I've had some changes recently in my life, have three kids under 3 years old. The 1250 points we have with shell just aren't worth it anymore, but can't get rid of them, can't even give them away. WORTHLESS! Shell Vacations Club customer service representatives won't even discuss selling it with me, and won't let me speak to management.

They give you ABSOLUTELY NO WAY OUT. If you're young and thinking about timeshare ownership, STAY AWAY AT ALL COST! ESPECIALLY SVC. I can't believe that they think their needs are! higher than those of my family, and their customer. JUST A BUNCH OF CROOKS! They should all be questioned for Fraud!


0 #3 Shira 2012-03-13 18:38
I completely agree with you. They are crooks. Not only that, they got me tipsy on champagne and then gave me the hard sell. I was a single 26 year old girl, possibly the last person who should buy one of these things.

It is an embarrassment and a lie. My maintenance fees are now worth more than the shitty properties I will never go to because I have better taste now.
+1 #2 Johnathan BySura 2012-01-17 19:27
That's such a nice political comment and all, but the only problem is, your sales person was not very forthcoming with information about the details about this membership when we were much younger, and in all honestly I feel taken advantage of in many ways. What I'd like to do, is get a lawyer and sue you. That might be my only option at this point. Maybe that will get your attention and all timeshare companies to find a way to let families, especially changing ones, find a way out of these obligations if they can't afford them anymore so I don't ruin the credit I've worked my entire life to build. Your company, and all timeshare companies, should be ashamed of such a product that mandates LIFETIME and in some cases MORE if I have to pass this BURDEN onto my children. God forbid.

Thanks for very little.
0 #1 Customer Care 2012-01-17 18:35
Hello Jonathan,

We're very sorry to hear you are unable to use your membership anymore. We can certainly appreciate that life circumstances can change and vacation priorities can change along with that, sometimes in a very good way, as with your additions to your young family.

To address the issue of Shell selling your membership for you, the agents you spoke to are correct. Shell does not have an internal resale program for its members. As this is a real estate-backed purchase of an interest in a points based vacation ownership plan, it is the responsibility of owners such as yourself to sell your membership should you choose you no longer wish to keep it. These are lifetime contracts unless otherwise specified and, as such, there is no buy back program.

With all of that said, if you would not mind contacting our Customer Care Department, we would not mind taking a look at the specifics of your account to see if there are any alternatives at our disposal to help you out in your situation. You may call us at 888-947-4355 or email to .

We hope to hear from you soon and hope for all the best in your future endeavors.

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