Shell Vacations Club: GET REAL!

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Seriously, if you are someone thinking about buying a timeshare, stay away from all of them, but especially SVC. I bought my timeshare outright with cash with my then girlfriend, now wife, 7 years ago.

We even pay our maintenance fees for the entire year all at once, and never miss a payment. I've had some changes recently in my life, have three kids under 3 years old. The 1250 points we have with shell just aren't worth it anymore, but can't get rid of them, can't even give them away. WORTHLESS! Shell Vacations Club customer service representatives won't even discuss selling it with me, and won't let me speak to management.

They give you ABSOLUTELY NO WAY OUT. If you're young and thinking about timeshare ownership, STAY AWAY AT ALL COST! ESPECIALLY SVC. I can't believe that they think their needs are! higher than those of my family, and their customer. JUST A BUNCH OF CROOKS! They should all be questioned for Fraud!