Professional Resort Advertising is a scam

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Embarassing to admit but i was a victim of a timeshare scam. I have a timeshare property and i've been wanting to either sell or rent it out. So when an agent from professional resort advertising called me and told me all guarantees that they saw my available weeks and that they have companies who are already lined up to rent it (Coke and AT&T), i fell for it. But the catch was in order for them to go through the deal, i need to be a member which is $2195 in fees. Because of my desperation to get something out of my timeshare, stupid me, i paid the amount. Guess what, it's been 2 months of follow ups, emails and vmails but nothing. So that just shows that i've been scammed.

I just want to get the message out on the web that Professional Resort Advertising is a scam and i hope that no one else will be as gullible as me and get victimized.