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Fraud in Tennessee

We went to Wyndham Timeshare for Than ksgiving as we have a timeshare there but we were not VIP member. So they informed us we had to go to a meeting to upgrade our membership. This is a boiler room. There were three representatives. Really apply the pressure. They were so courteous and pleasant. We agreed to upgrade because they told us we would not have to pay any additional out of pocket money as we were already paying maintenance monthly. Anyway, to shorten this , they blatantly lied as we discovered we have to pay maintenane plus $300 monthly. This had not been tolld to us at any time during the conversation. They did give us a satchel of papers and magazines to take home. We tried to cancel within the three days but everyone was gone due to Thanksgiving. Two months later, we fin! ally got a phone call.

I am a retired New Orleans Police offier for33 years. I had put people in jail for doing less than this. We really need to get people to go to the Timeshare olffices wearing a wire. This is the only way to prove exactly what they are doing.

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