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Mayan Palace - Beware Timeshare Predators

My husband and I are trying to figure how to get out of paying the the balance of what we owe. We do not know what too do or where to turn.
We got sucked in a month ago while on holidays, Sad thing is Vincente conned us even though we told him I had just had a stroke 3 weeks earlier. Grand Mayan is a real class act.




0 #3 Matilda Palmer 2015-01-12 16:40
Most of the Mayan Palace Timeshare Scam being committed by the Sales representative is that they don’t let their buyers know they have a 5 days cooling period if they wish to cancel; instead, they repeatedly tell they buyers once the contract is being sign there is no cancellation period. Mayan Palace sales representative also offers a trade-In, letting the buyer believe that Mayan Palace is going to take their other timeshare and sell them for them and deducting the cost of their new timeshare with Mayan Palace, but at the end you end up owning two timeshares and payments due for Mayan Palace turning it into in a double Mayan Palace timeshare Scam. I read an article about Mayan Palace at
0 #2 Grupo Mayan 2012-03-08 15:46
Our email is and our telephone number is 1-800-292-9446.
0 #1 Grupo Mayan 2012-03-08 15:45
Dear Mrs. Cahill:

We have been made aware of your comment. If you have pending concerns with us, we have confidence they can be addressed as soon as we are contacted to continue this dialogue.

We are truly committed to customer satisfaction. Allow us to prove this to you. Our members and our guests are our highest priority and we work hard day and night to make sure your vacations in Mexico are amazing each and every time.

We take every case very seriously and we will not rest until we have exhausted every reasonable means available to us to deliver the satisfaction we promise.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.

Karen Rose
Customer Support Representative.

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