Calypso Cay Time Share OVER EXAGGERATED

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1) A friend referred me, and I had a phone call from one of their sales offering a stay at one or two of their places. For every place you stay, you will be required to stay for a presentation at each place. 2 places equals 2 presentations (high pressured)

2) They will give you a deal to one of there villas which will sound great. ** What you will get his REGULAR STANDARD HOTEL accommodations in a DUMP. Our Motels are nicer in Canada than their hotel.

3) When you arrive to their Crappy hotel. You will have to attend one of their timeshare representations on the same day or following. Plus you will have to have a household income of $40,000 or greater.

4) They will give you a tour of their cleanest Villa. Fully furnished and clean. The one you will receive is a disaster with Outdated furniture and electronics. Walls, Ceilings are very poor quality. From 100 ft, it looks good.

5) This is what they will offer you;

a) Great savings on Cruises, Flights and Hotels - ** It's all garbage. You will be able to find cheaper deals on your own from your local travel agency or the internet. And the so-called deal is only good for 2 years.

b) Great savings on Vehicle Rentals - ** Again, not true. You'll be able to find cheaper deals on the web.

c) Promise of low monthly maintenance. ** Again, not true. $180+ per month for a dump. I have a $250,000 home out for rent, which cost me $500 a year for maintenance. They make almost $10,000 a month from maintenance fees from member per week of timeshare. $180 month x 12 months x 52 weeks. ($110,000 per year)

d) They will offer you free tickets to Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and etc. They will also offer you immediate Vila upgrades if you sign. Don't take the bate. We did because our hotel was such a dump and that villa looked good at the time. ** Reality, is that they will include this into a contract so if you decide to sign. So you will be paying for it, it's not free.

e) Cancel any time. ** Lies, you only have only 9 or 10 days to cancel for a full refund. Plus, you will have to pay for whatever promotion they gave you.
CANCEL IF YOU ARE NEW MEMBER. You will regret it as we did.