Timeshare "Westgate" is Bogus and Misleading

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My dear friends and those who are owning timeshare units, villa in orlando westgates.

It is unbelievable how deceitfull the saleman are of westgates resorts; they showed a wonderfull villa as showroom which was designed to fool many customers who were invited for this sales fest. i was told im buying a every year week, they took my cash advance, they literally rushed and made me sign their documents; i tried to get in touch with legal rep that after i read i was trying to get some answers; he was fired and someone from the westgates coprorate office was replying to my emails. Westgates Corporate owners are filthy rich but i did not know how they became rich by folling innocent citizens. I really fell for the salesman's trap and now i regret for doing such a terrible mistake.

This was waht i was told:

I get one week every year:but in reality it was crookedly twisted and given to me for even week.

No one mention about annual maintenance fees-now they are $500 per year.

the price was 13k; the interest was 8% but now i realized i paid over 17% since 2008; little less than 250usd per month for 4 years, I still owe them 9k; i cannot get every year week.

I bought 3-br-villa/lock off and now if i want to trade off in miami beach, i have to pay over $170 exchage fee (was never made aware) if i want to use my split week then i have to pay twice per week the above amt-

Westgates: My curses out to you all. how can you be so disgusting man????

Attn: The owners; how fat can you get man by cheating and making money unethically. do you all have conscience???