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Allen & Lisa - Shell Vacation Club

My wife and I purchase a time share with Shells Vacation Club for 3500.00 points, we purchase the time share in 2006. I called Shells Vacation Club to asked them how could I sell my time share, they referred me to one of their sale person.

the sale person recommended a company that asked for a deposit up from and they would sell my time share within 3 weeks, because the already had someone interested in my time share. After three weeks has past, I called the company and they were closed and the phone number did not work including the website. We would like to be part of this class actions lawsuit.


0 #1 Lisa Ann Schreier 2012-05-07 23:03
The salesperson at Shell recommended a resale company with an upfront fee?

Which Shell location? And more importantly, which resale company was recommended?

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